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UPDATE Re: Urgent Help Needed- Severe Puppy Abuse

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  • dhs9831
    Just wanted to give you all another update on the puppy abuse situation. First of all, thank you all for all you have done. Many of you have emailed me
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 23, 2004
      Just wanted to give you all another update on the puppy abuse
      situation. First of all, thank you all for all you have done. Many
      of you have emailed me stating that you have sent letters, call the
      Columbus Police and Humane Society, and I am happy to tell you that
      your efforts are definately working. The humane society has informed
      me that due to all the support for this case, they are going in the
      morning to obtain a search warrant so that they can go in and get the
      puppy to have it examined thoroughly by a professional. There are no
      promises to take it away for good yet, but at least we are making
      progress, and they are taking action.. I will keep you posted.

      Thanks Again all...

      PS One of you have been emailing me with a handle called PalmFron or
      something like that. Please dont think I am not returning your
      emails, its just that when I reply to you, I get a message
      undeliverable message from Earthlink. If you could email me again
      with a different email addy I will definately respond! Thanks

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      <dhs9831@y...> wrote:
      > Just to give you a little update, I called the police on the man
      > again today.... they told me they were getting tired of coming out
      > for this matter, and that I couldnt save every little puppy who has
      > ever been abused. It reminds me of a story I once heard. A man
      > his friend were walking along a beach just after the tide receded.
      > There were thousands of starfish on the sand that had been washed
      > by the tide. One of the men began picking them up and throwing them
      > back into the ocean. His friend asked, "What are you doing?" He
      > replied, "These star fish will die if i dont get them back into the
      > ocean." "What?" his friend said, "You cant save the life of
      > of these starfish, there are way too many... it wont make a
      > difference." He looked at the man and replied, "Youre right, I
      > make a difference in all of their lives, but ( as he continues to
      > pick them up and toss to the sea) I can make a difference in the
      > of this one... and this one, and this one." etc.
      > So yes the officer who spoke to me again was correct. I cant
      > every puppy, but i CAN, we Can make a difference in the life of
      > one. Everyone please remember, just because this isnt abuse on a
      > large scale, like herd and cattle being starved at company farms,
      > doesnt make it any less important... wether cases like this are on
      > large scale, or an isolated incident, they ALL matter equally. No
      > animal should be made to suffer like this pup.. Again I urge you
      > to help me rescue it.
      > Dave
      > --- In animalrightsactivistresources@yahoogroups.com, "dhs9831"
      > <dhs9831@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I need EVERYONE's Immediate help! 2 weeks ago, I was sitting in
      > > apartment and suddenly heard a dog crying, more like screaming.
      > > immediately went out to try and find it, and followed the
      > > to a house a half block away. I saw a man beating his puppy in
      > > head repeatedly. I went home and called the police right away
      > I
      > > tried to stop the man, then when I went out again, (15 minutes
      > later)
      > > the man was STILL beating the puppy. (Golden Retriever) The pup
      > was
      > > yelping so loud and long that eventually it lost its ability to
      > cry,
      > > and all you could hear was gasping and a raspy noise. I
      > > the guy again and he told me to "f-off" the dog defacated in his
      > > apartment and "Hitting him in the head is the only way to make
      > > understand." He went back to his apartment, and when the police
      > > arrive he wouldnt open the door for them. The officers told me
      > they
      > > could do nothing because they didnt see it happen and quote "Were
      > not
      > > going to beat the door down for a damn dog." When they left I
      > called
      > > the humane society, and they came out, but again, the abuser
      > wouldnt
      > > answer.. then they said there is nothing they could do either
      > unless
      > > its on video. Well, yesterday, I was walking down the street,
      > > just as i got to the sidewalk in front of where this guy lives,
      > > heard the dog start to scream again. I looked over and he was
      > holding
      > > the dog in the air by the handle of its leash (essentially
      > > it) and began slamming the dog against the side of the house
      > > wall) then threw it down on the ground. When it wouldnt go up
      > > steps, he started to kick it in the head, then picked it up by
      > > leash again, dog dangling by its neck in the air and took it up
      > > his apartment. Again, I call the police and humance society, and
      > > again he didnt answer for either, and both said once again, that
      > they
      > > couldnt do anything unless it was taped.
      > >
      > > Heres what Id like you ALL to do.. and PLEASE do this... I want
      > > Everyone to write a letter to this man regarding his abuse of the
      > > dog. His address is 97 West 9th Avenue, Apartment 5, Columbus,
      > Ohio
      > > 43201. Because I do not know his name right now, just make it out
      > > to "Current Resident" Also, if there is ANYONE in the Columbus,
      > Ohio
      > > area, or if you know someone here, Id like to do a protest
      > of
      > > his apartment in front with as many people as possible. I will
      > make
      > > sure there is news coverage (I have connections) Also, we could
      > > possibly protest at the city building, police station, or the
      > > House.
      > >
      > > Please, if you do what I am asking, send me an email to let me
      > > your "in"
      > >
      > > This is a beautiful puppy, and if this doesnt stop now, I fear it
      > > WILL die... These arent the "normal" Beatings, they are severe,
      > and
      > > honestly If the dog doesnt have brain damage already I will be
      > > shocked.
      > >
      > > My hope is that this protest and letter writing campaign will
      > either
      > > get him to realize what he is doing is wrong, and change, have
      > > arrested, OR Voluntarily give up his dog to one of us to find it
      > > loving home.
      > >
      > > Please help, lets get this guy!
      > >
      > > Thanks
      > > David Singleton, Columbus, Ohio
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