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ITD Update 30/10/04

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    It s Their Destiny News items on Asian animal abuse 30th October 2004 China Kills Thousands of Dogs for Olympics Dear Friends Here at ITD we are accustomed
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      "It's Their Destiny"

      News items on Asian animal abuse

      30th October 2004
      China Kills Thousands of Dogs for Olympics

      Dear Friends

      Here at ITD we are accustomed to hearing reports of savagery perpetrated on dogs in China. When we heard this latest one we thought it must be a cruel hoax due to the sheer numbers involved. Regrettably, the report was confirmed.

      This comes from our colleagues at Sirius GAO, the New Zealand based charity fighting for the Chinese dogs. The extract below is taken from their web site. Please visit http://sirius.2kat.net/cixiguilin.html for more details, photos and email addresses to write to. Please note - this slaughter is one of many planned throughout China.


      "In preparation for the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in 2008, China has decided that it is time to tackle the problem of stray dogs. Due to fears of rabies, these animals are not generally eaten and have become widespread in some cities. Instead of introducing a plan of spay and neuter as has been done in many more civilised countries, the Chinese solution is far more immediate and, not surprisingly, brutal. The photos on this page were taken in Cixi between 10th and 16th October 2004 where an unverified estimate of 40,000 dogs were slaughtered.

      "Long poles with a wire loop at one end are used by dog-wardens throughout the world as an efficient and safe method of catching dogs. But this is China and this device is put to a particularly Chinese use........

      "Here the operation is performed by a two man team. While one man holds the dog helpless with his pole, his partner beats it to death with his."

      The city of Guilin is planning a similar massacre during December. URGENT response is needed if there is to be any hope of preventing this. Please join Sirius' campaign at http://sirius.2kat.net/cixiguilin.html.

      Our continued thanks to all of you for caring.
      From all the team at ITD

      This Update service is supplied to our members and supporters worldwide, for many of whom English is a second language, We have therefore tried to symplify the wording as wuch as possible. If you still have difficulty in understanding, please e-mail us and we may be able to get this translated for you. If not through another list, you will have received this email because you either have helped with a campaign or requested to receive these emails in the past. We have no wish to send "spam", so if you do not want to receive similar news items from ITD or our sister organisation Sirius GAO in the future, just send a blank email to itd@... with subject line "Unsubscribe".
      Our updates are sent in html - if you receive in simple text through another list and would like to receive in the original format, please email itd@... with subject line "Subscribe".


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