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FW: Gassing animals in the USA

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  • Alexandra Yurkiw
    ... From: meriem [mailto:sb299871@skynet.be] Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2004 5:06 AM To: Animal_Net Subject: FW: Gassing animals in the USA Dear Friend Mira, Thanks
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2004
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      From: meriem [mailto:sb299871@...]
      Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2004 5:06 AM
      To: Animal_Net
      Subject: FW: Gassing animals in the USA

      Dear Friend Mira,

      Thanks to professional and backyard breeders , most shelters in Europe
      KILL as well, sound but unwanted animals - especially stray cats. Maybe
      the killing isn't done by gassing, but killing anyway and we all know.
      Some animal activists even work in these kind of shelters. Yes, there's
      different opinions... It's true you can't save the whole world, but you
      could refrain from killing.

      Breeders are a huge problem, but I fear legally there is little we can
      do about this (except "educate" people: no buying + neutering), because
      TOO MUCH MONEY INVOLVED. Economical reasons!. Imagine the human howling
      and screaming if a government DARED to touch animal breeders + all
      their spin-offs! All the Ministers' heads cut off! (Besides, most of
      them don't care about animal lifes)

      When you come to think of it, ALL the richness in the WHOLE world, it's
      build on the suffering and exploitation not only of other humans, but
      especially of creatures we call animals. Yes, it's true, "when it comes
      to animals, all people are Nazis"! and merciless exploiters.

      Regarding the poisoning of stray animals, I want to remind you/let you
      know that this happens not only in Turkey, Greece or Romania. It seems
      poisoning goes on as well in our regions, but in a more secret way..and
      not as massive, because in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany etc.for
      instance, we don't have stray dogs, (you have them in France) only
      stray cats; it seems these killings are called "pest-control".

      Anyway, to a lot of people, life of a cat isn't much worth, especially
      when it isn't their own. (I have the impression there's more
      organisations specialising in the rescue of dogs than in the rescue of


      Dear Mira, I'm putting your message on our animal net, so anyway, it can
      be read in 35 countries.

      Warm regards,


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      Van: MiraSGhoshal@... [mailto:MiraSGhoshal@...]
      Verzonden: zaterdag 29 mei 2004 14:12
      Aan: sb299871@...
      CC: m.shbero@...; Cat@...; HopBlossom@...
      Onderwerp: Gassing animals in the USA

      <http://www.strayrescue.org/> Stray Rescue of St. Louis the
      organization that started a campaign to stop the gas chambers in the
      City of St. Louis municipal shelters.

      Dear Maria,

      I wanted you to know that the richest country in the world gasses
      its unwanted dogs and cats. Yes, this is true. There was a dog who
      survived the gas chamber and whose life was spared in the end. I want
      all European animals activists to know that this goes on in many
      shelters in the USA.

      Message <http://www.strayrescue.org/quentin.html> This is the dog's

      I am going to collect more information about gassing of unwanted
      animals in this country and pass it on to you. This is concentration
      camp mentality inflicted on animals and we need to show Europe just how
      behind American really is when it comes to animal welfare.


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