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URGENT: SAMPLE LETTER: HELP is desperately needed to save dogs!

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  • Rita Fazio
    This is an urgent request for help, to save the dogs in the town of Campina, Romania. They are running out of time. The Town s officials have contracted with a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2004
      This is an urgent request for help, to save the dogs in the town of Campina, Romania. They are running out of time. The Town's officials have contracted with a very cruel dog catching org., to collect all the dogs in the town and put them in a sub standard shelter, where the cruelty will continue for 14 days, then the dogs will be killed in an inhumane manner. Please take a moment to check out the web site of PAWS-Holland, which exposes the very cruel way the dogs were handled by the dog catchers: http://www.pawsholland.nl/verschrikkingen_campina.htm
      Be sure to scroll down the page a little, where you will find pictures and an explanation in English.

      Below is all contact info. and a sample letter. Please try writing your own letter using the sample as a guide, or change the sample letter a little. If that is completely impossible you may use the sample as is. Just make sure your letter is respectful and polite. First and foremost, our objective to to save those animals, not make the government officials angry.

      Please send those letters as soon as possible.

      *****Contact Information*****

      If any of the email addresses are missing the last part, please email me at:

      <r.e.fazio@ worldnet.att.net> (remove the space after the @ sign) and I will send them to you.

      Please put the Presidents email address in the To: area of your email and all others in the cc: area.

      President of Romania

      President Ion Iliescu
      Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Romania
      1 Victoieri, District 1
      Bucharest, Romania
      Phone: +40-1-314 34 00
      Fax: +40-1-230 36 60
      E-mail: gov@...




      <inspektoren@...>; <info@...>; <ioniliescu@...>; <ilie.stefan@...>; <gheorghe.emacu@...>; <cmd.oprea@...>;





      <primadm@...>; <web@...>;

      <secretariat@...>; <roumanie.amb@...>; <infogorj@...>;









      Please include the email address of the Romainian Embassy in your country, which you will find at; http://www.romania.com/romanian/embassies.php

      Just select your country from the drop down menu, click go.

      To send a letter to the Romanian Minister of Justice, you will have to use a web based email form at;


      Make sure you head your letter in the space provided, with:

      Minister of Justice

      Mihaela Rodica Stanoiu

      So they know who the letter is meant for.

      *********Sample letter*********

      Dear Mr. President,

      I am writing to you on behalf of the people and dogs of the town of Campina. It has come to the attention of the compassionate citizens of the world, that the officials in the City Hall of Campina have hired a firm in Ploiesti, to catch the dogs and bring them to the shelter in Bucov, where they will remain for 14 days, at which time they will be killed in an inhumane manner. The dog-catchers are very cruel in their handling of the dogs; some dogs have died before they even reach the shelter and the conditions at the shelter are inadequate and contribute to the cruelty of those animals. The dog catchers are escorted by soldiers, to intimidate the people and make sure they do not try to stop the dog catchers from taking the innocent, defenseless animals away. As they took the dogs, they left children crying and adults upset and angry. The residents of Campina, adults and children alike, love those dogs. They feed and care for them. In return, the dogs provide protection against criminal activity in the neighborhoods.

      The Foundation for the Protection of Street Dogs in Campina caught, neutered, vaccinated and freed the dogs back into their territories, which guarantees that those dogs will not multiply, or contract any canine diseases! Upstanding, modern, moral communities around the world, use this type of program (trap, neuter, release) to cut down on the overpopulation of homeless animals. They do not catch and kill! If a dog becomes a problem in the town of Campina, the people call the FPCC, which sends someone out to get the dog and bring it to the shelter, where it will live and be taken care of for the rest of its life. As you can see FPCC has been invaluable to the town of Campina, although, the only value the Mayor of Campina sees in the FPCC, is the funding they brought in to the City Hall from kind, generous people in other countries. Now the Mayor sees no further use for the shelter, because he has contracted with a cruel, immoral organization of dog catchers and wants the ground, which the FPCC shelter operates on, back. The Mayor has given this shelter 15 days to clear off the land. What exactly are those people who operate the shelter to do? What will they do with the dogs that they care for? We understand that it is a business for Romanian authorities to accept help from and agree to collaborate with animal lovers from abroad, until the money stops flowing so freely, then they revert to cruelty. There is no excuse for the inhumane, cruel way those dogs and people are being treated.

      We are aware that Romania is in the process of joining NATO and the European Union. The following was found on the Romanian government's web site;

      Quote: "The support of the civil society has had an extremely important role in the process of preparing Romania's integration into NATO. Accession to NATO also implies the accession of all Romanian citizens to a community of values and action.

      The civil society can bring its valuable contributions during the accession talks and the process of ratification of the accession protocols. The civil society can also contribute to the promotion of Romania's image abroad and increase Romania's prestige as NATO member."
      Yes, that statement is very true. Unfortunately, the way the animals and citizens are treated in the entire country of Romania, leaves little doubt in the minds of the rest of the world, that the Romanian government officials, have no values or morals. As far as image is concerned, the image of animals and people, especially the children suffering, is what the world will remember! This is not the first time the world has heard about and seen pictures of the cruelty perpetrated on animals in Romania. A society is judged by the way it treats those who can not defend themselves. Romania's image is very bleak!

      We would like to see the dog catching ended and all the animals that have already been caught, returned to the people who love them. The entire operation must be overseen by a representative of FPCC, to make sure those animals are not handled cruelly or killed while in transport. Those dogs should not be killed, but freed to live out their lives loving and being loved by the citizens of Campina and the FPCC shelter should remain where they are, so they can continue to help the animals.

      If we hear that this atrocity hasn't ended and the dogs aren't being returned to the areas where they were so brutally taken from, are being killed, and the FPCC is being forced off of the land where they operate, we will have no recourse but to write to the European Union and NATO officials to alert them of the acts of deceit, greed and barbarism being committed against animals and people in Romania. If you think this behavior won't matter, please read the requirements of becoming a member of both societies. Citizens of all NATO and EU countries will ask that Romania not be accepted into their society. We will make sure that word of this inhumanity spreads through every country and ask the world to boycott everything Romanian, including the tourism trade.

      The brutal treatment of animals in Romania must end! Animal cruelty laws need to be instituted and enforced, if the image of your country is to change for the better.

      I suggest you take a look at the pictures, which are posted on the internet, of the cruel handling of the animals by the dog catchers and quickly change that image to one of a caring, humane country! The pictures are posted at: http://www.pawsholland.nl/verschrikkingen_campina.htm

      The world is waiting to see if you do the right thing.

      Thank you for your time and anticipated co-operation.


      Your name, address and country

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