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ITD Update 06/10/03

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    It s Their Destiny News items on Asian animal abuse 6th October 2003 Denmark s ban on dog and cat fur Dear Friends It is rare that we can actually pass on
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      "It's Their Destiny"

      News items on Asian animal abuse

      6th October 2003
      Denmark's ban on dog and cat fur

      Dear Friends

      It is rare that we can actually pass on some good news, so when we can it is particularly gratifying. On the 1st of this month, the Danes followed the lead of the USA and Italy when their law banning the trade in dog and cat fur came into effect. Dealers in this vile commodity can now expect up to 4 months imprisonment.

      Whilst we applaud the Danes for passing this legislation, we have to ask why the rest of Europe is dragging its collective feet. The EU Commissioner for Health, Consumer Safety and Animal Welfare, Mr David Byrne, has made it clear that he considers it the responsibility of Member States to legislate on this issue and that the EU has no authority. Fortunately his term of office ends in 2004 but please don't think that his last months should be free from protests. His e-mail address is David.Byrne@...

      And what of Great Britain? With an "Alice in Wonderland" logic, the British Govt is claiming that there is no evidence that this trade exists in Britain. Only when animal welfare groups can prove that it is flourishing will they be prepared to legislate against it! By this reasoning one could argue that since cannibalism is non-existant in Britain, our laws forbidding this practise can be revoked since they are not needed! Prime Minister Tony Blair has no direct e-mail address, although you can leave a message on his web site at http://www.pm.gov.uk/output/Page821.asp The Minister for Trade and Industry (the Ministry directly responsible for allowing this trade to continue whilst they "deliberate" ) is Patricia Hewitt, e-mail address hewittph@...

      Please let these politicians know what you think of their reluctance to protect the dogs and cats, not only of Asia, but also of Europe. Visit our web site at http://itstheirdestiny.2kat.net and click on "More Abusers" on the menu for more information on some European countries' treatment of companion animals.


      Regarding the continued consumption of dog meat in the Philippines in blatant violation of their Animal Welfare Act of 1998, we have seen an interesting memo from the Filipino Govt reminding local authorities that this Act must be enforced, although we remain sceptical over how seriously this will be taken by this country's corrupt political administration. This memo can be viewed in full on our web site, again under the "More Abusers" button. Our thanks go to Marlet of the Filipino pinoyanimallovers@yahoogroups.com list for sending us this.

      Our continued thanks to all of you for your support and for caring enough to try to make a difference.

      From all the team at ITD

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