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Israeli monkey experiments-the trial

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  • Colleen Klaum
    November 11, 2002Walla News Service, IsraelThe high court monkey appeal is adjourned: a special committee isset to check on the plaintiff s claims.The
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      November 11, 2002Walla News Service, IsraelThe high court "monkey appeal" is adjourned: a special committee isset to check on the plaintiff's claims.The decision followed the Hebrew University's announcement about the end of the experiment on four monkeys against which the appeal has been filed; The committee will submit its findings within 90 days. The university responds: " the monkeys are on their way to rehabilitation."By Tamar NahariA special committee is set to decide in regard to evidence in the high courtappeal against an animal experiment carried out on four monkeys at theHebrew University in Jerusalem. The Israeli high court decision was madetoday, following deliberations in the high court appeal presented by Israelianimal rights groups, which demanded to halt this experiment. The verdictwas given with the consent of both sides.The committee is going to be compromised from members of the controlcommittee that will be approved by the Israeli council for animalexperiments, in its next meeting on November 21. The committeewill submit its findings within 90 days. With this decision, the high courtappeal was rejected, and an earlier court injunction against the HebrewUniversity and the Israeli Health ministry was revoked. Judges Mr. MishallHashin, Ms. Dorit Beinish and Mr. Asher Gronis signed the verdict.The verdict was given after the Hebrew University told the high court thatthe experiment, against which the appeal was made, ended last September.The announcement was given in the course of the university's response to acourt injunction that was ruled in an earlier court discussion, in which theuniversity was asked to explain why it would not revoke the permit given tothe experiment.Further more, the university's response also reveals that the four monkeysare on their way to rehabilitation.The national council for animal experiments was obligated to establish the control committee following its first response to the court appeal, three months ago.Despite that, the committee hasn't been erected yet, but will be operating inthe near future.The judges: Only a professional authority can decide on this issueLast July, at the time of the first court hearing regarding the appeal, a group of judges, headed by the Israeli high court president Mr. Aharon Barak, was working towards a similar compromise between both sides. In that initial court hearing, the university refused to such a compromise, claiming that the experiment was conducted according to the regular rules and according to the law - and as such it does not see a reason to go through investigations by the committee.Judge Hashin explained his decision with the reason that the court can not discuss the appeal in detail, and that only a professional authority would be able to make a decision on the issue.The high court appeal was based on undercover footage that was taken in the course of the experiment. The plaintiffs claimed that the footage revealed a harsh picture in which there is absolutely no compliance with the animal experiments laws together with causing exaggerated suffering to the monkeys. The appeal also claimed that the experiment was not authorized as required by law. The Hebrew University and the council for animal experiments denied these claims.The appeal was served by the Association for Ethical Science, the Let Animals Live society and Noah - an umbrella group of animal protection groups. The lawyers Mr. Eran Lev, Mr. Hagai Ashlagi and Mr. Sagi Agmon represented the plaintiffs. Mr. Renato Yarak represented the university.End of Article.For pictures of Malish, one of the monkeys at the Hebrew university, go tohttp://www.aesop-project.org/Israel/Experiments_Photos.htmFor More details on the experiments at the Hebrew university go to: http://www.aesop-project.org/Israel/Experiments_exposed.htmlRecommended website:The Absurdity of vivisectionhttp://vivisection-absurd.org.uk/Information on animal research available free by EMail from vivisectionkills@...

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