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Sample Letters- Resource for Activists

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  • Mikecat1
    SOURCE: AnimalAdvocacy@yahoogroups.com Please Tell Others about this Excellent Resource for Activists! Thanks to Shell we now have a special
    Message 1 of 2844 , Aug 22, 2001
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      SOURCE: AnimalAdvocacy@yahoogroups.com
      <br><br>Please Tell Others about this Excellent Resource for
      Activists!<br><br>Thanks to Shell we now have a special site where generic
      letters on indexed subjects can be downloaded. There are
      also quick reference links (contacts, online petition
      site, online<br>free fax service) as well as links to
      "A Guide to Letter Writing" and tutorial on "How to
      Cut and Paste."<br><br>PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS SITE AND
      <br><a href=http://activists.topcities.com/ target=new>http://activists.topcities.com/</a><br><br>What can you do with a generic letter? For example, if
      a circus is coming to your town, you can go to this
      site and select an appropriate <br>letter and fill in
      the details! Couldn't be easier! You can also use
      these letters for wording to create LETTERS TO THE
      EDITOR OF YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPERS.<br><br>Topics Currently
      Include:<br><br>Animals In Entertainment:<br>Butterfly Releases<br>Chimps
      (used in movies, tv)<br>Circus - General
      (long)<br>Circus - General (short)<br>Circus - Clyde Beatty-Cole
      Bros.<br>Circus - Ringling Bros.<br>Circus - Roberts
      Bros.<br>Dolphins (swim-with-dolphins program)<br>Dolphins
      (exhibits)<br>Elephants (used for performing acts/tricks)<br>Petting
      Zoos<br>Rodeo (long)<br>Rodeo (short)<br>Traveling Animal
      Acts<br><br>Animal Research:<br>Dissection (in
      schools)<br>Huntingdon Life Sciences<br>March Of
      Dimes<br><br>Clothing:<br>Fur<br>Leather<br><br>Companion Animals:<br>Animal Abuse<br>Breeding - Companion
      Animals<br>Breeding - Companion Animals (alternate)<br>Gas
      Chamber<br>Pound Seizure<br><br>"Sporting"
      Racing<br>Iditarod<br><br>Vegetarian/Vegan:<br>Vegan Food
      (restaurants)<br><br>Wildlife:<br>Deer<br>Geese<br>Skunks<br><br>Be sure to BOOKMARK this Site and tell others about
      it: <a href=http://activists.topcities.com/ target=new>http://activists.topcities.com/</a>
    • veganelfgirl
      Join with concerned citizens, celebrities, political and noted animal rights leaders to help stop cruel factory farming practices in New Jersey and across the
      Message 2844 of 2844 , Feb 7, 2002
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        Join with concerned citizens, celebrities,
        political and noted animal rights leaders to help stop
        cruel factory farming practices in New Jersey and
        across the United States. New Jersey is the only state
        with legislation<br>requiring the development of
        standards for the "humane" raising of farm animals, and it
        is in position to lead the nation in banning
        inhumane farming practices. <br>Certain farming practices
        are clearly inhumane, and must therefore be outlawed
        in New Jersey. Please be part of this historic
        campaign, and help prohibit cruel factory farming.
        Confirmed speakers include: Mary <br>Tyler Moore, Grant
        Aleksander, Peter Singer, Howard Lyman, Wayne Pacelle, David
        Wolfson, Gene and Lorri Bauston, and Sue Coe. The event is
        being organized by Farm Sanctuary, and sponsored by
        Compassion in World Farming, the Fund for Animals, and the
        Humane Society of the United States.<br><br>The
        conference will be held at the Lafayette Yard Marriott in
        downtown Trenton, NJ on Sunday, April 7th, from 9 am to
        8pm. And the Rally will be held at the State Capitol,
        two blocks from the hotel, on Monday morning<br>from
        10am to noon.<br><br>To register please see
        <a href=http://www.njfarms.org/njrally.htm target=new>http://www.njfarms.org/njrally.htm</a> <br><br>More information about the campaign
        against factory farming in New Jersey is available at
        <a href=http://www.njfarms.org. target=new>http://www.njfarms.org.</a> <br><br>New York City residents: A bus will be
        traveling from New York City to the event, and a special
        package is being offered. For more information, or to
        register please call 607-583-2225 or email
        campaign@.... <br><br>If you have questions, or to register
        over the phone, please call 607-583-2225.<br><br>Farm
        Sanctuary Events
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