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  • Nilesh Bhanage
    PAWS JULY 2012 NEWSLETTER Edited By Team PAWS ... This issue contains- 1. From the Desk of Hon. President 2. Urgent Appeal 3. Rescue Notes &
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2012

      Edited By Team PAWS



      This issue contains-

      1. From the Desk of Hon. President

      2. Urgent Appeal

      3. Rescue Notes & Cruelty Cases

      4. Volunteers Who Made This Month Remarkable

      5. Press & Net Corner

      6. Staff Welfare

      7. Anti-rabies Drives

      8. Murbad Rescue Center Project Update

      9. Conferences / Workshops / Trainings / Awareness / Visitors

      10. Fundraising & Donations

      11. In-kind Donations

      12. Society Cases/Pet Cases/Feeding Issues

      13. Tree Plantation in Monsoon

      14. Your Chance to Help our Noble Cause


      As everyone is aware, PAWS now treats small animals @ Murbad Rescue Center.
      There is huge work at our Murbad Rescue Center; we need lot of construction
      material, financial support to employ professional staff. Any small help is
      also appreciated. As you may be aware, we do not receive any Govt. grants
      neither we have a good corporate back-up & we are solely depend on
      donations from individual animal lovers & social trusts like you. Thank You!

      Warm Regards,

      Manasi Bhanage

      Hon. President


      PAWS is always in need of funds as it is fully dependent on local donations
      from animal lovers, volunteers & valuable supporters like you. Even a small
      contribution will make a difference to the lives of the injured animals.
      For Direct Transfer of Donations-

      Bank : ICICI Bank Ltd.

      Branch : Dombivli, MIDC Branch

      A/C. No. : 008801026804


      IFSC Code : ICIC0000088


      Since PAWS operates in and around Dombivli-Kalyan towns of Thane district
      areas, team busy handling different type of rescue calls this month.

      # This month, PAWS Team attended a total of 41 stray cases (Average 10
      cases per week) including 9 puppies, 6 Cat, 2 Kitten, 22 Dogs, 1 Donkey.
      Some animals were given immediate first aid treatment by our local vet Dr.
      Rohit Gaikwad. The rest were sent to BSPCA, TSPCA, IDA & PAWS Murbad rescue
      center for hospitalization according to type injuries/diseases cases
      received by PAWS.

      # PAWS office was busy handling a total of 30 bird cases this month with
      average 1 bird each day, while some were released same day & most of the
      birds were immediately hospitalized to Thane SPCA after proper isolation &
      treated with due intimation to kalyan forest department. Bird species which
      were treated includes species like Barn Owl, Common Myna, House Crow,
      Cuckoo, Indian Pond Heron, Little Egret, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Myna &
      Rock Pigeons.

      # With help from Forest Dept. of Kalyan, PAWS volunteers Mandar, Nilesh &
      Sanchit rescued 5 snakes from various locations of dombivli & Thakurli. The
      species include Russell�s Viper, Buff-Stripped Keel-Back Snake, Rat Snake &
      Indian Cobra. They were safely relocated within hours time.

      # Total of 36 wildlife rescue calls were attended in this month
      successfully by Team PAWS.

      # This month our volunteers Ritesh & Yash rescued kittens from streets.
      White kitten someone thrown from bike. We are happy to inform, the kittens
      found a nice home @ farm house in Pune. our supporter devika adopted it.

      # Team PAWS rescued a donkey from Dombivli MIDC this month, which was taken
      to Thane SPCA.


      Thanks to all young volunteers who contributed to our cause & paws this
      month made remarkable�.Hat�s off for Team PAWS

      *Help In Rescue Work:*

      *Thanks to PAWS Volunteers Mandar, Sanchit for rescuing snakes & Sumit,
      Neetu, Omkar for rescuing Birds from various locations. Thanks to PAWS
      Volunteers Crystal, Sumit for admitting birds to hospital from PAWS office
      within time-limits. **

      *Donations, Fundraising Events & Donations Pick-ups:*

      Thanks to our volunteer Ritesh Vora for donating saline & vessels to PAWS
      Murbad Rescue Center. He also got donation of Fan, Tube, Dettol.

      We thank our volunteer Alisha Bhise for helping us with animals handling
      during awareness program held @ Brain-Works.

      * *

      *Help in Day-To-Day�s Admin Work:*

      *Thanks to PAWS volunteers Sanchit & Pratima for helping PAWS in Data
      Entries, receipts making, Zeroxes, ID Card Making, society cases letters
      making & other correspondences. This Month�s all event posters,
      International days posters being made by our volunteer Rohan Popere

      5. PRESS & NET CORNER:

      # Our kite rescue story was published on American Blog.


      # Our Egret rescue story in on American Blog again


      # PAWS founder Nilesh�s quote taken in Thane DNA story when a person caught
      hold selling a snakes, below is the link of full article.


      # PAWS campaign on horse carriages appeared in Sakal Newspaper, Have alook:


      # PAWS Founder Nilesh�s quote was taken in Times of India, on dog poison
      case, below is the link:


      # PAWS�s rescue story of Eurasian Eagle owl was appeared in DNA newspaper,
      below is the link


      # PAWS founder Nilesh�s quote taken in Times of India, on Ban Horse
      Carriages Campaign:


      # Our Awareness Program with brain-works in now on UK's website, Have a
      look @ below link:


      # PAWS is always fore-front in networking, sites & social networking, to
      get closer to all supporters, volunteers & members PAWS has following
      websites, where in you can post comments, Our updated homepage:


      # We have campaign websites:



      # PAWS conduct many projects & activities during the year, have a look




      # PAWS is also have its own TV on YouTube, You can subscribe it....


      # PAWS Group is having more then 3900 subscribers on facebook, wherein they
      regularly receive updates on rescues


      # PAWS also has its own page on face book, you can click on 'LIKE' button.


      # PAWS is also on twitter, you can follow



      # As per our Staff Welfare standards & policy, we have renewed/given FREE
      Medical Insurance Policies & Accidental Insurance Policies to our Field
      Staff & Snake Rescuer's.

      We take at-most care of all our Staff & Volunteers who are involved into
      life-risky jobs. We also provide uniforms, equipments like snake bags,
      Vaccinations, Access to Staff Quarters, Rains Wear, access to different
      trainings/conferences to upgrade knowledge. We make sure that the NGO work
      in more professional ways & set good standards before people.

      We spent more then 1 Lakh each year for this! You can contribute to our
      staff welfare as well. While making donations please specify 'FOR STAFF
      WELFARE'. Thank You!

      Electronic transfers can be made following ways.

      Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd,

      Branch: Dombivli MIDC

      A/C. Number: 008801026804

      IFSC Code: ICIC0000088


      # We thank to our staunch supporter Nimish for bearing all cost of medical
      expenses when snake charmer thrown a snake on mandar & mandar got hurt and


      *# Anti-Rabies Drive @ Ambernath 15th July :*

      Team PAWS organized an Anti-Rabies Drive in morning on 15th July @ Kansai
      in Ambernath.

      Team PAWS comprising of volunteers Dr. Vivek Nandedkar, Ritesh Vora, Dr.
      Neetu John, Nisha Tellis, Rohit Achrekar, Alisha Bhise, Sanchit More & PAWS
      Founder Nilesh participated in Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drive in all Rambaug
      lanes @ kalyan west area. Local animal-caretaker Vikram Shastry.

      *# Anti-Rabies & 7 in 1 Vaccination Drive @ Dombivli 22nd July :*

      Team PAWS organized an another Anti-Rabies Drive in morning on 22nd July @
      Anandnanagr in Dombivli West. PAWS volunteer Dr. Vivek Nandedkar also gave
      7 in 1 vaccinations for few strays which were taken care by Siddhant Shetty
      one of the oldest volunteers of PAWS. PAWS volunteers Nilesh Bhanage, Rohit
      Achrekar & Nikita Ghag assisted the drive.

      *This financial year till the date PAWS vaccinated 517 animals against
      rabies and 15 animals were treated with first aid.*

      In Past year 2011-12 Team PAWS Vaccinated total 1182 stray animals against
      rabies & 78 animals were treated in camps & drives.


      In this May month PAWS Murbad Rescue Center received & Treated following
      no. of cases:

      Total In-coming Patients - 29

      Dogs � 16

      Pups - 7

      Cats � 6

      Kitten � 0

      Donkey - 0

      Adoptions � 2

      Pets for Burial � 1

      We also look after many residential animals in centre

      Resident Animals Total - 13

      Dogs � 4

      Cats � 7

      Donkey - 2

      @ PAWS Murbad Rescue Center Main Entrance Grill, 2 grills of 2 kennels are
      totally broken & its all most falling down, so we are not using them any
      more. Some kennels tiles are already fallen off. The entire kennel building
      of 14 kennels now really need repairs, we don't have money as usual to
      spare for repairs or renovation. We started using place in November 2010.
      Our Staff & Security salary goes up to 55,000/- each month & total cost of
      running services for a month goes till 80,000/- which including hospital
      medicines, cleaning material, animals� food etc. It is hard task for us to
      build this much money every month, but we do our best & pull money for our
      rescue operations. But we really cannot spare a single rupee for repairs &
      development work.

      Please spread the word... The donation in kind like medicines, kitchen
      utensils, dog food, cleaning material etc. is always needed & all in-kind
      donations will be acknowledged.

      The photos of our center are uploaded on face book, have a look



      # On 24th July PAWS founder Nilesh & his 5 years old little daughter &
      volunteer Alisha Bhise conducted an awareness program cum animal
      interaction session with 113 pre-school children @ Brainworks today
      morning. Children aged 3 to 6 interacted with Puppy, Kitten, Cat, Rabbit,
      Guina Pig today. Thanks to our volunteer Anusharee for giving her Guinea
      Pig for our program. Nilesh�s daughter dishita done her pre-school @
      Brainworks so she also joined to meet her last year teachers. She handled
      pet cat Bitty very well & taught children how to pat animals as well as
      handle them. Many children were overjoyed looking & TOUCHING various
      animals. All the animals that student seen were rescued & adopted. Below
      are some pics of event. Nilesh�s ex-colleague & friends Nilima Shewalkar as
      well as Amit Joshi even his chartered account Kirti Rambhiya�s daughter are
      going this pre-school. His cousin brother�s son Pratik also goes to same
      pre-school. They all were present @ venue & helped us in interactions along
      with all teachers.

      We also made sure that animals are not traumatized as well as given rest &
      provided water. The workshop ended with spreading the message among
      kids - *Animals
      are part our life! Lets care them!*

      # PAWS is well-known in animal welfare for its volunteer base & continuous
      efforts made via volunteers to rescue different types of animals. Regularly
      training sessions and orientations, awards and incentives for positive work
      and organize get together, meetings, etc. Insurance cover, equipments and
      training is provided for incentivation.

      On Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July, PAWS Volunteers Sanchit More, Rohit
      Achrekar, Mandar Sawant & Founder Nilesh Bhanage attended the Course on
      Horse Care & Treatment, wound management @ Japlouppe Equestrian Center
      based in Lonavala. PAWS volunteers learned basic things like
      identifications of Horses, Breeds, Foot care, Nutrition, Identification of
      health & diseases, Wound Management, Medical Equipments which also includes
      a live on-hands training with horses. This 2 days course was conducted by
      Japlouppe Director - Rohan More having experience working with equine more
      then 2 decades.**

      * *

      # Following Day�s posters were circulated among PAWS contacts & various
      e-groups for awareness purpose by PAWS during JULY Month. We Thank our
      volunteer Rohan Popere for designing them with his own creativity.

      *23rd July � Nagpanchmi Day**

      * 7th July � PAWS B�day**


      * *


      # Because of our Donors Manish & Surabhi Mittal's creative idea and design
      & sponsorship, we got new design T-Shirt printed & came out. Thanks to our
      volunteer Sumit Yadav, who co-ordinated sample collection, finalizing
      orders, collection of t-shirts with own money, delivery @ PAWS office &
      getting them photographed from our supporter Siddhartha Nath in Thane.
      The new image of T-Shirts are uploaded on Facebook, the link is as follows.


      The T-Shirts are on sale for Rs. 200/- each. You can send your order via
      replying to e-mail or calling us on our helpline 9820161114. New T-Shirts
      are available in S, M, L, XL sizes.

      We also got stock back of Black T-Shirts with original design. Thanks to
      our sponsors Rajshree & Kiran Khalap, who sponsored the Black T-Shirts.
      These T-Shirts are available in S, M, L, XL sizes.

      Visit PAWS Office or e-mail us on nilesh@...

      # Like past 4 years, we have Rakhees on sale this year also many of our
      volunteers like Sharada, Madhura n other members visited PAWS office &
      purchased required Rakhees. We many design of Rakhees on sale. They are
      purchased in bulk from National Association for Blind (NAB) as we support
      them each year by buying items made by our blind sisters working there.
      Many Jelly Candles, Gift Pouches we buy from them regularly throughout
      year. So hurry-up Visit PAWS office immediately & buy them. They are
      available in range of *Rs.15 & Rs.25/-*. (Rs.10/- Rakhees are sold out).

      # PAWS wholeheartedly thanks Mr. Kulin Ramdas, Phiroza Abraham, Minal Dixit
      & Farzad Billimoria for their generous donations this month.


      # On 1st July, PAWS Volunteer Ritesh Donated utensils, Saline, Fan, Tube &
      Dettol as in-kind donation.

      # We thank our supporter & vet Dr. Rohit Gaikwad for donating 40 kgs of Dog
      food & 20 Kgs. of cat food for PAWS Murbad Rescue Center.

      # We thank our donor Madhura Tribhuvan, for donating Plastic Sheet for
      Murbad Center.

      PAWS accept old cloths, newspapers, scrap, old books & from sale for these
      items goes for life saving work of PAWS. If you would like to donate any of
      these items call PAWS on 9820161114.


      # On 12th July, PAWS sent notice to society of animal care-taker Ms.
      Krishna Arjun, wherein a strays has been beaten-up by society members. PAWS
      office sent a stern letter to society.

      # On 13th July, PAWS sent a stern notice to property manager of Marathon
      Nagri @ Badlapur, wherein many animal lovers facing anger of society people
      over feeding strays. The notice served the purpose. Now the dogs in society
      are safe.

      # Dr. Vidyut Naram, of Kandivali approached PAWS for saving strays being
      beaten-up by other members. PAWS as usual sent a stern notice on 13th July.

      # On 17th July, PAWS wrote a stern letter to the managing committee of Lok
      Dhara @ Andheri, wherein stray animals are subjected to cruelty.

      # On 20th July, PAWS wrote a strong notice to Nilgiri CHS @ Marol, Andheri
      where other society members are harassing dog feeders

      # On 30th July, PAWS office sent a notice to Unnati Garden Complex, Thane
      wherein society committee asked the security company to throw dogs outside.



      On 8th July 2012, Team PAWS joined Team Hariyali @ Bhavale forest land
      located outside kalyan city. Below are some pics of event. Every year PAWS
      joins Hariyali for their Annual Monsoon Plantation Drive. This is 10th year
      when Team PAWS planted trees. Our names say "Plant & Animals Welfare
      Society"...We did it...

      on 11th July 2012, we celebrated our B'day by feeding animals & planting
      more trees @ rescue center based near Murbad.


      Your small contribution would make a big difference! With two ambulances,
      trained volunteers and four staff member, being in possession of an entire
      animal rescue gear and medical kit, PAWS works tirelessly throughout the
      year. Anyone wishing to become a volunteer with PAWS or wanting to donate,
      may call us on 9920777536 or send us an e-mail at nilesh@....

      Donation Cheques /DD's can be drawn in the name of *'Plant & Animals
      Welfare Society*' on the address given below:

      A-18, Savitri Sadan,
      Dr. Mukharji Road, Near Nehru Ground,
      Dombivli (East)

      421201, Maharashtra, India.

      As a registered NGO, PAWS will send you a receipt for all your donations
      at the earliest. Many thanks, Best wishes and Love from all of us.


      *Plant & Animals Welfare Society - PAWS is*

      * *

      *Affiliated with World Wide Animal Society (WWAS), UK.

      * *

      *Organizational Partner of the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs

      *Member Society of �Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations�

      *Organizational Partner of International Bird Conservation Network (IBCN).

      *Member Society of World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA), UK.

      *Affiliated with Indian Chamber of Non-Governmental Organizations (ICNGO),

      *Associated with International Organization for Animal Protection (IOAP).

      *Associated with Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
      - UK.

      *Affiliated with Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS), UK.

      *Affiliated with World Animal Net (WAN) Directory, USA.

      *Registered under the Society's Registration Act XXIX of 1960 with
      registration No. Maha/587-2001/Thane dated 7th July 2001, Thane.

      *Registered with the Charity Commissioner as Trust vide certificate dated
      11th September 2001, Thane.

      *Donations are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80-G of the Income
      Tax Act 1961, as per Certificate no.
      THN/C.I.T.-1/TECH.1/80G/86/2011-12/1825 valid for lifetime.

      *Registered Under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide letter
      dated May 01, 2002. Letter No. THN/CIT-III/J&T/184/2002-Thane.

      *Recognized by 'Animal Welfare Board of India' (AWBI), Ministry of Forests
      & Environment, GOVT. OF INDIA, Chennai.


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