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Mumbai Mirror - Ding dong bell: Kitten rescued after 3 days in well

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  • Nilesh Bhanage
    http://www.mumbaimirror.com/index.aspx?page=article§id=2&contentid=2012030120120301021808842b1ca7301 Ding dong bell: Kitten rescued after 3 days in well
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2012

      Ding dong bell: Kitten rescued after 3 days in well

      Virat Singh

      Residents of Sathewadi at Kalyan (W) witnessed an adaptation of the nursery
      rhyme Ding Dong Dell, Pussy�s In The Well on Wednesday evening.

      The cat-friendly neighbourhood normally has stray cats of all ages trotting
      around the place, but on Sunday evening, a 4-month-old kitten caused a lot
      of panic after she fell into a 60-deep-dry well.

      After trying to rescue her for three days, residents of the area finally
      called the fire brigade and animal rights organisation Plant and Animal
      Welfare Society (PAWS) for help.

      An operation to rescue the young feline lasted two hours. Miraculously, the
      kitten survived the entire ordeal, without so much as a scratch or losing a
      whisker. Residents say they didn�t have a choice but to then name her

      *Who welled the cat?*

      A resident of Durga apartments in Sathewadi said Lucky was trying to run
      away from some dogs on Sunday evening when she jumped onto the peripheral
      wall of the well. Not being nimble enough to balance on the narrow wall,
      the kitten fell right in.

      �We assumed she would find her way out, and waited for some time,� said
      Seema Mane, a resident of Durga apartments, who fed Lucky every day. �When
      she didn�t come out, we called the local corporation and whoever we could
      think of for help, but nobody responded.� She added that she kept throwing
      pieces of chappati inside, so the kitten didn�t starve.

      As days went by, however, residents grew more and more concerned. On
      Wednesday, one of them finally called Nilesh Bhanage, founder of PAWS, who
      told them to immediately call the fire brigade.

      �When they called me, I was shocked that the kitten had been inside the
      well for so long, and the residents had not taken more concrete action
      sooner,� said Bhanage. �I called officials of the fire brigade and told
      them we could plan a joint rescue operation, since we have a lot of
      experience in dealing with animals.�

      The teams reached the area around 3 pm. The immediate setback was that the
      ladder the fire brigade brought was only 30 feet long.

      �Thus we got ropes and tied a cradle to it, so we could send someone into
      the well,� said Bhanage. �PAWS volunteer and engineering student Mandar
      Sawant sat in it and was lowered into the well, followed by fireman
      Ratanlal Koli.�

      On reaching the bottom of the well, however, they realised the scared
      kitten had entered a small cavity, and was too afraid to come out. �Even
      though we cajoled her, and dug around the cavity for 30 minutes, we
      couldn�t reach her,� said Sawant. �We even offered her fish but she refused
      to come out. I finally entered the tiny cavity myself, got her out and put
      her into a basket. Everyone cheered as she was pulled out of the well.�

      Fire officer Dilip Palave said they were happy they could save a life.

      �The only obvious name that came to our minds was �Lucky� as she survived
      the fall, and that too without an injury. We handed the kitten over Seema
      Mane, who took her home,� said Bhanage.

      �I immediately gave her milk and bread and Lucky lapped it all up,� said
      Mane. �She seems overwhelmed by the attention right now, but I�m sure
      she�ll be back to normal very soon.�

      Meanwhile, officer bearer of the apartments� association said the open well
      was a risk, not only to other cats but to children in the area as well. �We
      will soon put a net over the mouth of the well, to make it safe,� he said.

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      Top: Fire official Koli being lowered into the well. Above: Koli and PAWS
      volunteer Sawant dig the wall to get Lucky out of a cavity she was sitting

      Nilesh Bhanage
      Founder - PAWS
      Helpline +91 9820161114
      "Hands that help are holier than lips that pray"

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