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  • trokfest
    A.L.F. Rescue 28 Rabbits From California Lab - Liberation Marks End of Week of Protests - ____________________________________________ FOR
    Message 1 of 2844 , Apr 30, 2001
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      A.L.F. Rescue 28 Rabbits From California Lab<br>-
      Liberation Marks End of Week of Protests
      -<br>____________________________________________<br><br>FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE<br>April 30,
      2001<br><br><br>Castroville, Calif. - The underground Animal Liberation Front
      has claimed<br>responsibility for liberating 28
      rabbits from a Castroville, CA vivisection<br>lab. ICRC
      Company (950 Dolan Rd.) was targeted in the early morning
      ours of<br>Sat. April 28 when the activists broke into
      the labs to make the daring rescue.<br><br>The raid
      comes at the end of WWAIL - World Week for Animals In
      Laboratories.<br>While hundreds of animal rights activists protested and
      engaged in civil<br>disobedience last week across the
      country at investiment bank Stephen's Inc.<br>(major
      funders of the besieged vivisection company Huntington
      Life Sciences),<br>the ALF operated under the cover of
      darkness to rescue the animals which are<br>tortured in
      the name of science and commerce.<br><br>In a
      Communique released to the ALF Press Office, the activists
      described how<br>they cut through a perimeter fence,
      avoided motion detector sensors, and broke<br>into the
      facility while the caretakers were watching television in
      a building<br>next door. They also state that the
      rabbits have now been placed "loving<br>homes."<br><br>At
      this time the ALF Press Office is unclear of exactly
      what type of research<br>is being conducted at ICRC
      Company, but spokesperson David Barbarash concurs<br>with
      the ALF activists who state that these rabbits "live
      their lives in agony<br>and (are) then murdered under
      the guise of 'science.'"<br><br>"Whether this lab is
      conducting toxicology experiments for chemicals
      and<br>pesticides, or whether they are conducting medical or
      psychological research,<br>experimenting on sentient animals is
      abhorrent and immoral," states Barbarash.<br>"Torturing
      animals under any circumstances is simply no longer
      acceptable."<br><br>The Animal Liberation Front is an international
      underground movement of<br>compassionate people who believe
      that animals must be set free from
      abusive<br>conditions. Through tactics of rescue missions and property
      destruction the ALF<br>carries out its campaigns anonymously
      and non-violently. In its 20-year history<br>in North
      America there has never been any injuries or deaths
      resulting from<br>their actions.<br><br>The full text of
      the ALF Communique follows:<br><br><br>"To celebrate
      World Week For Animals in Laboratories, The Animal
      Liberation<br>Front is claiming responsibility for the liberation of
      28 rabbits from ICRC<br>Company (950 Dolan Rd.,
      Castroville, CA) in the early morning hours of<br>Saturday,
      April 28th, 2001.<br><br>Cutting through one fence and
      dodging motion-detecting lights we made our way<br>to the
      outbuildings, where we witnessed rabbits confined in cramped
      cages<br>barely able to move. Noticing that the undertakers of
      this abhorrent operation<br>were still awake in their
      bedroom watching television, we quietly loaded as<br>many
      rabbits as we could.<br><br>These gentle animals will be
      placed in loving homes and will never have to
      live<br>their lives in agony and then murdered under the guise
      of "science." While<br>these modern-day torture
      chambers continue to exist, our actions will
      only<br>become more bold. We will not rest until these innocent
      creatures are no longer<br>the victims of human
      viciousness, and while the vivisection industry
      continues<br>to mutilate and torture millions of animals
      annually, when night falls, the<br>laws supporting these
      death-camps mean
      nothing.<br><br> -ALF"<br><br>---------------------------------------------------<br>North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office<br>
      ***** The Voice of the A.L.F.
      *****<br><br>Spokesperson: David Barbarash<br>Email:
      naalfpo@...<br>Phone: 250-703-6312<br>Fax: 419-858-9065<br><br>Mailing
      Address: P.O.Box 3673,<br> Courtenay, BC<br> V9N 7P1
      Canada<br><br>URL & PGP
      Key:<br><a href=http://www.animalliberation.net/media/naalfpo.html target
    • veganelfgirl
      Join with concerned citizens, celebrities, political and noted animal rights leaders to help stop cruel factory farming practices in New Jersey and across the
      Message 2844 of 2844 , Feb 7, 2002
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        Join with concerned citizens, celebrities,
        political and noted animal rights leaders to help stop
        cruel factory farming practices in New Jersey and
        across the United States. New Jersey is the only state
        with legislation<br>requiring the development of
        standards for the "humane" raising of farm animals, and it
        is in position to lead the nation in banning
        inhumane farming practices. <br>Certain farming practices
        are clearly inhumane, and must therefore be outlawed
        in New Jersey. Please be part of this historic
        campaign, and help prohibit cruel factory farming.
        Confirmed speakers include: Mary <br>Tyler Moore, Grant
        Aleksander, Peter Singer, Howard Lyman, Wayne Pacelle, David
        Wolfson, Gene and Lorri Bauston, and Sue Coe. The event is
        being organized by Farm Sanctuary, and sponsored by
        Compassion in World Farming, the Fund for Animals, and the
        Humane Society of the United States.<br><br>The
        conference will be held at the Lafayette Yard Marriott in
        downtown Trenton, NJ on Sunday, April 7th, from 9 am to
        8pm. And the Rally will be held at the State Capitol,
        two blocks from the hotel, on Monday morning<br>from
        10am to noon.<br><br>To register please see
        <a href=http://www.njfarms.org/njrally.htm target=new>http://www.njfarms.org/njrally.htm</a> <br><br>More information about the campaign
        against factory farming in New Jersey is available at
        <a href=http://www.njfarms.org. target=new>http://www.njfarms.org.</a> <br><br>New York City residents: A bus will be
        traveling from New York City to the event, and a special
        package is being offered. For more information, or to
        register please call 607-583-2225 or email
        campaign@.... <br><br>If you have questions, or to register
        over the phone, please call 607-583-2225.<br><br>Farm
        Sanctuary Events
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