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DawnWatch: Govt killing sea lions, on CNN's 'Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" 6/

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  • Kitrynak@aol.com
    You may have noticed that the one mainstream media newsperson who we can count on to include animal issues amongst her Issues is CNN s Jane Velez Mitchell.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2010
      You may have noticed that the one mainstream media newsperson who we can
      count on to include animal issues amongst her "Issues" is CNN's Jane Velez

      On Friday, June 4 she told us:
      "Sea lions are being systematically executed by government wildlife
      officials in Oregon and Washington." She explains that their "crime" is that they
      are "doing what sea lions are meant to do," they are eating salmon.
      She shares the story and video of two sea lions in particular, old
      friends, videotaped hanging out together on a dock. We are told they were later
      trapped and killed.

      Velez-Mitchell makes this comment:
      "This is Uncle Sam -- tax dollars are going to kill these sea lions. And
      everywhere I turn around, we are rounding up wild horses, using tax
      dollars....What is wrong with our government?"

      Thank heavens the animals finally have a member of the major media telling
      it like it is. Please send her a huge thank you. It is so important that
      her producers know that her stance is appreciated, and that people tune in
      because of it. Check out the brief segment on line at:
      Click "recommend" so that your web friends learn about it.
      And then please do send the show that quick thank you.
      The show takes comments at:

      On that segment, Jane interviews Matt Rossell, the northwest director of
      In Defense of Animals, who explains that the sea lions take a tiny
      proportion of the salmon (don't they have a right to eat?) and who tells us about
      the work of the Sea Lion Defense Brigade. You can learn more about that at

      If you click on the "Wish List" on that site you'll find that the brigade
      is in need of volunteers to patrol the Columbia river, plus donations of
      camcorders, tapes for camcorders, binoculars, cameras with good optical zoom,
      tripods, motor boats canoes, kayaks and gas money -- which you can donate
      by clicking on the "donate" button there on the site.

      I send thanks to Glen Venezio for his efforts to get the sea lions
      coverage and for making sure we knew about the segment.

      Yours and the animals',
      Karen Dawn

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      Date: Sat Jun 5 17:22:47 2010

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