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Cow Autopsy still going ahead - emails needed now!

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  • Varda Mehrotra
    *The autopsy is still going ahead, your emails are needed to stop this event! Please forward widely and send a quick email to the science festival director
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
      *The autopsy is still going ahead, your emails are needed to stop this
      event! Please forward widely and send a quick email to the science festival
      director asking them not to go ahead with this event.*
      *Available online here

      The Edinburgh International Science Festival is planning to conduct an
      autopsy of a cow as a part of its programme. The Science Festival should
      highlight and celebrate the achievements of science over the years and the
      benefits they bring; instead, this reckless waste of life takes us back to
      the dark ages.

      We launched an alert last week asking people to send emails to all
      stakeholders and the festival director asking them to stop this event from
      going ahead. Visit this for background

      We have since received a response from Simon Gage, Festival Director (see
      below) which confirms that there is nothing new to be learnt from this
      macabre event - it is still going head though.

      *Your emails are needed - please email Simon Gage and others at the science
      festival asking them to stop the event from going ahead. See email and
      addresses below.*
      Simon@...,sarah@...; susie@...;
      amy@...; joan@...; mathew@...;

      *By dissecting the cow for public entertainment you are infact demeaning
      life and suggesting to the public that it is acceptable to kill and cut open
      a mammal for nothing more than the curiosity of the public. The fact that
      there is nothing to be learnt by this entire horrific event only amplifies
      your disrespect to animals and biodiversity.*
      *This event does not celebrate biodiversity but is simply a show for
      commercial public entertainment and its shock value. I urge you to take
      action and stop this dissection from going ahead.*
      *I look forward to hearing from you,*
      *Your Name*

      *Sent by Simon Gage, Festival Director on 26th Feb., 2010*

      Thank you for taking the time to send me an email expressing your concern
      that a Cow Post Mortem will be part of the Edinburgh International Science

      First of all I can reassure you that the cow is not being slaughtered
      specifically for the purpose of this event. No life is being taken to
      support this event. It is destined to be slaughtered regardless of whether
      we carry out the Post Mortem. Furthermore, I can reassure you that its
      termination will be carried out under the strict conditions of the current
      slaughter of animals legislation. I�d also like to clarify that the purpose
      of this event is not to learn anything new about the anatomy of a cow it is
      to provide a learning opportunity for the public.

      At a broader level, may I explain that the purposes of the Science Festival
      and Edinburgh Zoo, which is the organisation carrying out this particular
      event. Both organisations are committed to celebrating the wonder of the
      natural world and to raising awareness of the need for humanity to pay
      greater respect to the world�s biodiversity. Indeed, marking 2010 as the
      International Year of Biodiversity is the main theme of this year�s science
      festival. If you look through our programme (www.sciencefestival.co.uk) you
      will find events on animal welfare, animal intelligence, birds, butterflies,
      a centre piece photographic exhibition by wildlife photographer Steve Bloom
      and more.

      Both the Science Festival and the Zoo believe in giving the public
      opportunities that allow them to better understand the natural world.
      Gaining an appreciation of the anatomy of one of our most familiar farm
      animals is just one part of this effort.

      Yours sincerely

      Dr Simon Gage


      Ethical Voice for Animals | www.ethicalvoiceforanimals.org.uk
      Edinburgh the Fur-Free City | www.edinburghfurfreecity.co.uk
      Campaign Against Animals in Research Experiments | www.caare.org.uk

      +44 (0)792 088 8769 | 54 Manor Place Edinburgh, Scotland. EH3 7EH

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      *Facebook: en-gb.facebook.com/ethicavoiceforanimals*

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