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HumaneSpot Spotlight Selections for February 3, 2010

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  • animalsareadvancedsouls
    Change Preferences | Privacy Policy | Contact Us February 3, 2010 Here are your latest research spotlights from HumaneSpot.org, the world s only research-based
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      February 3, 2010

      Here are your latest research spotlights from HumaneSpot.org, the world's only research-based website designed exclusively for animal advocates. On behalf of everyone at HRC, thanks for using our research in your work for animals.

      Please forward this message to your fellow animal advocates and encourage them to sign up on HumaneSpot.org.

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      Transitioning From Myth to Math
      New Blog Entry, HRC-Authored, Entered on 2/2/2010

      Last week I wrote about research evidence showing that stories are more persuasive than data-intensive appeals when it comes to reaching most audiences. Here's some more evidence provided by the same source (nonprofit marketing guru Andy Goodman) suggesting that people more readily believe an individual's story than data describing the context of that individual's situation. Advocates should recognize the difference and avoid having the same bias themselves.
      Details: http://www.humanespot.org/node/3583

      An Examination of the Potential Role of Pet Ownership, Human Social Support and Pet Attachment...
      New Research Citation, Entered on 1/31/2010;
      Original Item from 2010

      Researchers examined the relationship between companion animal ownership and psychological health among the general population and found that neither pet ownership nor one's attachment level with predicts the loneliness levels of individuals living alone.
      by Anthrozoos
      Details: http://www.humanespot.org/node/3580

      Pork Producers Study Footprint
      New Research Citation, Entered on 1/30/2010;
      Original Item from 2010

      Research conducted by the University of Arkansas found that manure management is a significant factor in carbon emissions, while transportation plays a more minor role; more than 25% of the carbon footprint of pork products occurs at the retail store and home level, according to these findings.
      by University of Arkansas
      Details: http://www.humanespot.org/node/3577

      British Public Opinion on Hunting
      New Research Citation, Entered on 1/29/2010;
      Original Item from 2004

      This summary of public opinion polls was compiled by Support Hunting Association, a coalition of pro-hunting advocates. It summarizes British public opinion on hunting between 1997 and 2004, concluding that there is minimal public support for a ban on fox hunting.
      by Support Hunting Association
      Details: http://www.humanespot.org/node/3573

      "The Cove" Puts Health Risk at Forefront, Japanese Not Convinced
      New Research Citation, Entered on 1/28/2010;
      Original Item from 2009

      "The Cove," a documentary about dolphin hunting in Japan, emphasizes the health risks of consuming dolphin meat, which has been found to contain high levels of mercury. Japanese authorities, however, say they remain unconvinced of the potential danger.
      by Kyodo News
      Details: http://www.humanespot.org/node/3569

      Effects of Having Pets at Home on Children's Attitudes toward Popular and Unpopular Animals
      New Research Citation, Entered on 1/27/2010;
      Original Item from 2009

      This report covers three surveys of Slovakian school children to determine the effects of keeping pets on the attitudes of children on three unpopular animals. Research findings suggest that having a pet at home positively affects the attitudes of children toward both popular and unpopular animals.
      by Anthrozoos
      Details: http://www.humanespot.org/node/3571

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