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Women Activist Hit by Butchers in Kalyan

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  • nilesh bhanage
    *Women Activist Hit by Butchers in Kalyan* *Patrolling cops watch everything as a silent spectator* * * *Kalyan, August 5, 2009: *In a horrific incident 2
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      *Women Activist Hit by Butchers in Kalyan*

      *Patrolling cops watch everything as a silent spectator*

      * *

      *Kalyan, August 5, 2009: *In a horrific incident 2 woman activists from
      PAWS (Plants & Animals Welfare Society) were beaten up by butchers in the
      wee hours of evening at Bail Bazar in Kalyan. It all started when PAWS
      helpline received a call informing that 2 calves are going to be slaughtered
      at Bail Bazar.

      PAWS team headed to the scene along with 6 volunteers. After reaching near
      the slaughter house, 2 ailing calves, one paralytic and other one in
      absolute distress were spotted near a municipal slaughter house. When the
      team protested saying killing of calves is banned in India, the owners
      threatened them with dire consequences. According to Indian Penal Code 1860,
      under Section 38 (J), Mischief of killing or maiming of animals of any value
      above ten rupees. This includes bulls, oxen, horses, mules, camels etc. Seeing
      the protest, fellow PAWS volunteers Kedar Marathe, Prasad Phadke & Saurabh
      Chougule rushed to Bazar Peth Police station to lodge a FIR.

      In the interim the situation got out of hands when a tempo forcibly picked
      up one of the calves and strangled it to death in front of the whole team.
      They physically assaulted Parinita Joshi and Manasi Bhanage out of the whole
      group and assaulted the women just to show that they are capable of going to
      any extent. In the midst of this entire thing, a couple of uniformed
      policemen watched the whole thing as silent spectators. When by-passers
      asked them to intervene, both constables simply gave a lame excuse saying
      this area doesn�t come under their jurisdiction & for the sake of humanity
      they are controlling the mob. A FIR has been lodged with Bazaar Peth police
      station, Kalyan and they are on the job to nab the culprits who assaulted
      these 2 women and fled the scene. In all the seen the both calves & their so
      called owners disappeared as mob gathered. 2 person also came on moped and
      scared PAWS volunteers that they will see the volunteers outside, The moped
      number noted & NC also made against unidentified people on moped.

      The question arises, what calves were doing outsides the slaughterhouse if
      they are owned? Why the calves are strayed? Why the calves got injures on
      their bodies & found in paralyzed condition. Some people gathered & claimed
      calves when PAWS ambulances reached spot to picked paralyzed calf, how the
      pet calves are roaming on road. (Abandoning Pet animal is cruelty under
      Prevention of cruelty to animals Act 1960undersection 11). Under Prevention
      of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 Animals in tempos not allowed then how the
      calves being forcefully put in tempo.

      Mr. Nilesh Bhanage founder of PAWS, said �We will submit all the papers, FIR
      copies to district collector who is head of �Prevention of Cruelty to
      Animals Committee� in Thane District with request to take strong steps
      against illegal transport of animals.�

      This incident goes into show how safe women and animals are in our society.

      For more details call

      Manasi Bhanage - 9820161114 - Trustee PAWS

      Bazar Peth Police Station, Kalyan - 0251-2204167 / 2212222

      +91 9920777536

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