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PAWS July 2009 Newsletter

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  • nilesh bhanage
    PAWS July 2009 Newsletter Edited by Shilpa Phadke ~~~(*.*)~~~(*.*)~~~(*.*)~~~ This issue contains… 1. From the Desk of Hony. President 2. Your
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      PAWS July 2009 Newsletter

      Edited by Shilpa Phadke


      This issue contains�

      1. From the Desk of Hony. President

      2. Your Attention Please�

      3. Our Rescue Notes

      4. As Press Views Us

      5. Monthly Anti-Rabies Drive � Dombivli

      6. Donations in Kind

      7. Adoptions this month

      8. Volunteer�s Vaccination Camp - Thane

      9. Society Feeding / Pet Dog Issues / Cruelty Cases

      10. Monsoon Tree Plantation

      11. Fundraising Event � Monsoon Raffle 2009

      12. World Day for Bulls � 22nd July

      13. Conference / Workshops / Awareness

      14. Your Chance to Help a Noble Cause


      A lady from Pune called me to tell a heart-rending story of her 2 lost cats.
      Owing to ill-health the lady was not able to look after her 2 cats, so she
      contacted her vet, the vet promised to take care of them & took Rs.10,000/-
      from her. When she called back to check on her cats, the vet did not respond
      properly, then told her that he gave the cats to a shelter, she called the
      shelter but shelter officials said that in past week, no cat had arrived.
      Later the vet told the lady that he gave those cats to his cousin, so she
      went to search them there & the family there told her that the cats had run
      away from the house. Nobody knows till date what has happened to the cats.
      Finally the lady got in touch with Manoj Oswal (Animal Activist from Pune),
      who took the vet to the police station; wherein he agreed to return the
      money which he had extorted from the lady. The vet is still not revealing
      the truth of what happened to the cats.

      We come across such money minded vets many times, all animal lovers are
      requested not to entertain such vets, expose them or can e-mail us on
      nilesh@.... We will forward such cases to the local animal welfare
      officers or will initiate suitable action.





      PAWS is always in need of funds as it is largely dependent on local
      donations from animal lovers, volunteers & valuable supporters like you.
      Even a small contribution will make a difference to the life of the injured

      For Direct Transfer of Donations:

      Bank : ICICI Bank Ltd.

      Branch : Dombivli, MIDC Branch

      A/C. No. : 008801026804


      IFSC Code : ICIC0000088


      ## Our snake rescue cell team is on high alert now because of rains. This
      month we rescued a total of 60 Snakes species including Cobra, Rat Snake,
      Russell�s viper, Sand Boa, Krait, Stripped Keel back & Checkered Keel Back.
      One snake was found dead while the rest were released in their appropriate
      habitat within 24 hours after due intimation to range forest dept.

      ## A languor which came in Dombivli was rescued by PAWS on 6th July 2009,
      and was hospitalized at Bombay SPCA. HIV & TB tests were conducted on the
      monkey & on 17th July 2009 it was released back in Karnala Bird Sanctuary
      wherein Languor has their habitat. The forest guards of Kalyan & Panvel
      range forest offices joined the release event. We hope that he will soon
      join the existing languors in the sanctuary.

      ## Since the rainy season on lot of birds have been found in distress, and
      our staff has been busy in attending the rescue calls. PAWS office received
      a total of 9 pigeons for first aid, 1 barn owl was rescued by Subhash while
      another was rescued by PAWS New Bombay volunteer Dhanjay. 1 crow, 2 Soft
      shell turtles, 1 pond heron, 1 Chameleon were also rescued by PAWS

      ## One Donkey which was collapsed at roadside had a small calf was rescued
      by PAWS & taken to Bombay SPCA. In another case, one calf which was lying with
      an accident at Taloja, PAWS New-Bombay volunteer Dhanjay Yadav rushed the
      spot, took the permission from Taloja Police Station & PAWS set it�s
      ambulance all the way to taloja & then to parel to admit the calf.


      # Marathi newspapers like Maharashtra Times, Samna, Loksatta, Navakal,
      Mumbai Chaufer, Prahar carried photos & rescue operation story of a monkey
      which was rescued by the PAWS team from a school. Mumbai mirror also carried
      our photo.

      # PAWS Group is now on Face Book, join us to help animals


      # More then 700 friends on orkut receive updates from PAWS founder Nilesh
      about it�s activities. Join PAWS on orkut:


      # PAWS founder Nilesh quoted by mumbaimirror.com for the �Colored chicks�
      issue, here is the link to read:


      # PAWS is now on Velmoc website



      PAWS volunteers comprising Nilesh, Sonali, Saurabh, Neetu, Padma, Kartick,
      Prathmesh, Jayshree, Avinash, Kedar, Shreya, Anahita & Crystal joined the
      Anti-Rabies vaccination drive at Dombivli slums in east & west where donkey
      owners live. Many dogs & pups were vaccinated against rabies some were given
      first aid.


      # We would like thank �Pamper Pets� shop for donation of Dog Bone packets to
      PAWS. Those were freely distributed among nearest volunteers. We also thank
      one of our senior volunteer Ms. Mousmi Mehandale for coordinating with them.

      # We would also like to thank WVS for sending veterinary text books for use
      by PAWS volunteers who are also veterinary students.


      ## PAWS office received a call from a lady from Virar about a bitch who had
      a litter of 8 pups and they were crushed under some heavy vehicle. She died
      on the spot along with 6 pups. Only 2 pups who were away from the accident
      site survived. PAWS staff brought them to its office. PAWS Trustee Mansi
      gave them bath & got them vaccinated against rabies. Luckily next day PAWS
      found the homes for the pups. They were adopted by Mrs. Fernandez of Thane
      who is a caller of PAWS.

      ## Fizzah Shah of IDA India informed PAWS about a cat which was poisoned in
      New Bombay area, PAWS sent its volunteers and got the cat picked-up &
      hospitalized her in SPCA. She had 2 small kittens who were around a week
      old. These kittens were adopted by PAWS awareness in charge Sonali & she is
      taking care of them.

      ## A small Lab pup was re-homed by PAWS. The pup was brought to PAWS office
      & was taken care for a week, later the pup was adopted by PAWS volunteer.

      Are you interested in adopting a pet? If yes call PAWS on 982016114 & speak
      to Manasi / Anushree / Preeti. Many cats, dogs and pups need loving homes.


      Years ago, PAWS started its journey with a pledge to safeguard plants and
      animals of the society. With every rescue operation, PAWS only evolved as a
      cohesive unit to become one of the most successful NGOs in the field of
      animal rescue. After considerable success, PAWS has yet again taken a fresh
      initiative to ensure the safety and betterment of all those responsible
      behind its success. To keep the same amount of zeal and enthusiasm rolling
      all round the year PAWS is conducted a *FREE *Anti Rabies vaccination drive
      for active volunteers and rescue staffs who are an integral part of PAWS
      day-to-day activities like rescue drives, vaccination camps and ambulance
      escorts etc.

      Over 23 volunteers & 2 rescue staff were vaccinated against rabies on
      12thJuly 2009.

      We thank our staunch supporter Mr. Dilip Bafna of Animal Rights Fund of
      Bangalore who sponsored the entire amount for the project. Here go the



      # PAWS office received a call from one of our staunch supporter Ms. Mohona
      Dutt that her colony had decided to remove all strays. PAWS wrote a stern
      letter to colony officials & the matter was solved amicably.

      # On 10th Of July, PAWS office was informed about pets in Thane being
      subjected to cruelty. 2 pets were locked & chained whole day in a flat, and
      neighbors informed this to us. On receipt of the written complaint, PAWS
      wrote a stern letter to the family, also consulted with vet, municipal
      licensing authority for the case. Finally now the family, keeps the pets
      unchained and they can roam freely, so the barking & hyper ness of pets has
      been controlled, as per information by neighbors.

      # Yet another case came to PAWS from Ms. Rajani Khedkar of Prem-nagar CHS on
      27th July, about her society resident beating strays. This has been informed
      to us by quite a few other people. PAWS sent a stern letter mentioning laws
      protecting animals, so now the residents have stopped beating animals but
      PAWS volunteers are keeping a vigil.


      Since Monsoon season is full on, PAWS along with Hariyali Trust is doing
      massive tree Plantation at Bhavale forest land since June 2009. On Sunday 5
      th & 19th July 2009, 23 PAWS volunteers / Staff / Trustees joined for
      plantation at bhavale forest land wherein team collected all plastic waste
      for recycling. This is the second year when PAWS is in charge for plastic
      waste disposal. On both the days, PAWS released some snakes in the habitat
      there. Here is the link for photos on Picasa Album:




      This month PAWS organized Raffle 09, a monsoon fundraising event wherein
      PAWS raised a few thousands for the charity running.

      The designing work was done by PAWS volunteers Sneha Pujari & Priyanka
      Angotra and prizes were sponsored by Databyte Computers & Shirodkar
      Jewelers. The tickets printing sponsored by Vineet Chemicals & coordinated
      by Kedar, Saurabh, Sonali & Preeti while tickets were sold by Kartick,
      Saurabh, Neetu, Sangam, Parinita, Manasi, Jayshree, Avinash, Kedar, Manish,
      Subhash, Preeti, Sonali, Crystal, Arif, Anahita, Darshna, Akshay, Shilpa,
      Suyog & Mr. Briganza.

      This event was a great success. Below are the photos



      Every year, the world celebrates �World Day for bulls� on 22nd July 2009. On
      this day PAWS created an awareness poster fact mentioning below:

      Bull Slaughter is one of the factors contributing to Global Warming.

      . Cows must be fed upto 16 kg of grain in return for one kg of meat.

      . Each year in Mumbai, 80,000 calves are forcibly put to death so the milk
      meant for them can be bottled for us.

      . Calf leather comes from animals killed at just 2 weeks old.

      . By going veg, you can reduce your contribution to Global Warming by 50%
      more than by driving a hybrid vehicle.

      PAWS also organized a health check-up camp in neighbor Davdi Village wherein
      maximum cattle population is there. PAWS volunteers Avinash, Anahita,
      Kedar, Anushree, Shreya, Saurabh, Kartick, and Neetu participated in the
      camp. All the cattle were vaccinated against tetanus as well as first aid
      was given to required ones.

      Below is the album link:



      # On 11th July 2001, PAWS got registered as charity, so every year we
      celebrate this day as PAWS B�Day, on this 11th July - PAWS volunteers
      comprising Jayshree, Saurabh, Kartick & Sonali conducted a small awareness
      program at Syntel�s CSR in powai which serves to those poor children whose
      parent are involved into construction work

      # On same day, PAWS released it 9th Brochure named �NUMBER THAT MATTERS FOR
      ANIMALS�, this brochure contains extensive contact numbers of Thane & Raigad
      of Vets, Vety. Hospitals, Ambulance Service, X�ray centers & so on. This is
      available at free of cost to everyone, Just SMS your address on 9920777536.

      # 2nd July, Sagar Karande, a Student of �Communication & Journalisms� from
      Mumbai University visited for his project on �Campaigns initiated by NGO�s�.
      He visited PAWS office, interacted with founder & volunteers and collected
      the data & information for his project.

      # On 9th July, an awareness program was organized by Pillai�s college
      wherein PAWS volunteers Jayshree, Sonali, Kartick & Saurabh interacted with
      college students, also played Beauty Without Cruelty video. Many new
      volunteers joined PAWS later


      # On 18th July 2009, a small awareness program organized by PAWS Awareness
      In-charge Sonali at �Savli Orphanage� at Aangoan, Bhiwandi. PAWS volunteers
      Kedar, Jayshree & Shreya also joined this session & interacted with children
      by showing photo, posters etc.


      Your small contribution can make a big difference! With two ambulances, 180
      volunteers and three staff members and in possession of an entire animal
      rescue gear and medical kit, PAWS works tirelessly under the leadership of
      Mr. Nilesh Bhanage.

      Anyone wishing to become a volunteer of PAWS or wanting to donate may call
      Ms. Manasi on 09820161114 or send an e-mail at manasi@...

      Donation Cheques / DD's can be drawn in the name of 'Plant & Animals Welfare
      Society' on below Address:


      A-18, Savitri Sadan,

      Dr. Mukharji Road,

      Dombivli (East) 421201,

      Maharashtra, India.

      A registered NGO, PAWS will send you a receipt for all your donations at the
      earliest. For Direct transfer to PAWS accounts please e-mail us on
      manasi@... <manasi@...>or

      Thanks, Best wishes and Love from all of us.


      Plant & Animals Welfare Society - PAWS is

      *Member Society of World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA), UK

      *Affiliated with Indian Chamber of Non-Governmental Organizations (ICNGO),

      *Associated with International Organization for Animal Protection (IOAP).

      *Associated with Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
      - UK.

      *Affiliated with Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS), UK.

      *Registered under the Society's Registration Act XXIX of 1960 with
      registration No. Maha/587-2001/Thane dated 7th July 2001, Thane.

      *Registered with the Charity Commissioner vide certificate dated 11th
      September 2001, Thane.

      *Donations are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80-G of the Income Tax
      Act 1961, as per Certificate no. THN/CIT-III/Trust/80G/242/309/2007-08,

      *Registered Under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide letter dated
      May 01, 2002. Letter No. THN/CIT-III/J&T/184/2002, Thane.

      *Recognized by 'Animal Welfare Board of India' (AWBI), Ministry of Forests &
      Environment, GOVT. OF INDIA, Chennai.

      *Affiliated with World Animal Net (WAN) Directory, USA.


      Nilesh Bhanage
      +91 9920777536

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