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Freedom Horse - Anthony Marr's (video) tribute to the Mustang

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  • Anthony Marr
    Yesterday the spirit moved me, and I spent two hours creating the following video, titled:   Freedom Horse - Anthony Marr s tribute to the Mustang
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2009
      Yesterday the spirit moved me, and I spent two hours creating the following video, titled:

       "Freedom Horse - Anthony Marr's tribute to the Mustang"


      "Anthony Marr's last name in Chinese means Horse. Not only is he
      an animal rights activist, he has developed personal relationships with
      many animals, including horses. His work is to safeguard all life on
      Earth, including the horse, wild and domestic. In his eyes, the horse
      is among the most beautiful and dignified of all creatures ever
      evolved, in the Solar System at least. It must not be destroyed by Man,
      even if Man destroys itself. Unfortunately, given the upcoming
      detonation of the M-Bomb, the long term prognosis is far from good.
      Long may you run, Mustang!"

      This certainly is a spiritual move, but it is also a practical move.  Google "Mustang Horse" and you will see this video on Page 1.  Click on the link, and you will see my other videos presented on the sideline.  This has the potential to draw horse lovers, equestrians and wild horse advocates into the climate change movement.

      Enjoy and weep, then act for the Mustang, North America's persecuted Freedom Horse.

      Anthony Marr, founder and president
      Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) 

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