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Situation Update Nepal -- G2H Demands Justice for the Monkeys

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    ... Subject: [gatewaytohell] Situation Update Nepal -- G2H Demands Justice for the Monkeys From: _info@gatewaytohell.net_ (mailto:info@gatewaytohell.net)
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2009
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      Subject: [gatewaytohell] Situation Update Nepal -- G2H Demands Justice for
      the Monkeys
      From: _info@..._ (mailto:info@...)
      Date: Thu, February 5, 2009 10:46 am
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      On the 23rd of Janauary 2009 a Public Interest Litigation, (PIL), petition
      against Nepal's monkey farming was filed against the monkey farming at the
      Supreme Court of Nepal. We are elated to announce that the action was not only
      sanctioned by the court, but it has been placed on the court's "priority list"
      due to the "seriousness" of the case!

      A temporary injunction has been granted, so no monkeys will be exported
      before the case is heard, and the responsible parties were given just 35 days,
      (until the 27th of February), to respond in writing to justify their actions.
      Named as defendants in the case are the Prime Minister and the President of
      Nepal, the Monkey Farmers and the responsible Minister. The Supreme Court
      judges will now ask the awkward questions about how this law was conceived, who is
      responsible and how such a corrupt law was enacted. The Judges will then be
      left to decide whether monkey farming is in the Nepalese "Public Interest".

      What that means in simple English is that some of the most senior judges in
      the Nepalese legal system will be examining the Wildlife Farming Act, asking
      awkward questions of those involved in the monkey farming, (including Nepal's
      most senior politicians), and exposing the scandal in public view for all to
      see! We believe that we have a very strong case to stop the monkey farming,
      and at this stage Nepal's Supreme Court appears to agree.

      So far the actions of the democratically elected government of Nepal, whom
      we had hoped would stop the monkey farming, have been utterly disgraceful.
      Government backed militias have even viciously assaulted journalists in an 'orgy
      of violence' for writing 'unfavourable stories' about the government. The
      Supreme Court has already taken some brave decisions against the Maoist
      government and their abuses of power, but we still need to give them a good enough
      reason to stop this evil abuse of innocent monkeys.

      Aside from the overwhelming evidence before the court, we still need YOU to
      take action for Nepal's monkeys to keep the pressure on Nepal's government
      and tourism industries to show the court that the loss in tourism will be
      greater than any gain from monkey farming!

      Things are about to get rather uncomfortable for the Nepalese government, as
      questions are asked about private decisions that stink of corruption....So,
      let's make things more uncomfortable for them! Remember the government aren't
      obliged to defend the monkey farming in court, so let's make them think
      twice about offering a defence to the indefensible!!!

      Now, more than ever, YOUR actions count....It's time to take to the streets
      again in solidarity with the Nepalese people resisting these vile exports,
      for the sake of the monkeys!!! We need you back at the Embassies and
      Consulates, we need you to put as much pressure on them as you can in the next 21 days
      so that we leave the Monkey Farmers defending themselves without government

      We CANNOT and WILL NOT permit the export of those monkeys. Together we have
      already acheved SO much and YOUR support has been vital in the achievements
      of this campaign, but please don't stop now. We truly are on the border of a
      historic victory for the monkeys, which will resonate around the globe and set
      an example to other monkey exporting nations, as well as the monkey abusers

      PLEASE do what you must to ensure the success of this court case. Every
      action, no matter how small, makes a difference and the fate of Nepal's rhesus
      monkey population depends on OUR actions. Use your initiative and increase the
      pressure on Nepal during this court case, the more pressure we can generate
      the more likely we are to win....It's time to finish this, NO excuses, MAKE IT

      For the monkeys, until all are free,


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      in this email is intended to encourage illegal action in whatever country you
      are reading it in. G2H does not engage in, nor support, any form of
      harassment or unlawful activity. Nothing in this alert is intended to promote such
      conduct and G2H assumes no responsibility for the missuse of this information,
      which is provided solely for the purposes of lawful protest. G2H actively
      encourages all recipients to act responsibly but neither assume nor accept any
      responsibility for the actions of others.

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