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Torture of primates, and those who care about them

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      Subj: primfocus: Re-send with missing text: Torture of primates, and...
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      Subject: primfocus: Torture of primates, and those who care about them

      I just discovered this (text below). What an unmitigated horror. Macaca

      arctoides, the stumptailed macaque, might well be described as "The
      Chimpanzee of Asia".

      They are supremely intelligent, and superbly adapted to harsh and
      montane conditions that are unsuitable for farming. So they need not
      compete with humans.
      But human over-population, which the biomedical cartel studiously
      fails to address these days, pushes humans further and further up
      mountain sides,
      until you get atrocities like Rwanda that result from obscenely high
      population densities.

      What is happening in Vietnam and elsewhere -- with the farming of
      primates as if they were fish or chickens, is an abomination, and
      should be viewed as a crime by any decent person.
      The Western countries, together with Japan and Russia, have
      responsibility for creating this "biowarfare" and "biomedical" "arms
      race. It is economic competition on the most grotesque scale I have
      ever seen.
      What horrific barbarism do our modern societies continue to
      promote. How dare we allow this to transpire and pretend to have
      any international stature on the subject of human rights.

      When you see "You Tube" videos (this week) of young long-tailed
      macaques trapped in Mangrove bushes, stuffed in bags, and taken to
      dealer-brokers for restaurants or export for biomedical research, you
      need not wonder how "The Killing Fields" could have happened in that
      country. One follows directly from the other.

      And one might see a relationship between the atrocities that have not
      been uncommon in China and Vietnam the past few decades, and the fact
      that they are able to treat lovely macaque monkeys this way.
      After all, they harvest eyes and other organs from living political
      dissidents and prisoners.

      Note: This information was offered by the Primate Centers
      newsletters service as if it was just routine information - like a
      conference brochure - and not an atrocity that should be actionable

      WHO is responsible for this torture and misuse of innocent monkeys?
      These people need to be identified, and held individually accountable.

      Breeding and Raising of Primates in Vietnam

      Cao Van Sung

      (Institute of Ecology and Biological Resource. Hanoi, Vietnam)

      Vern Weikel Belconnen


      Vu NgocThanh

      (Hanoi University, Hanoi,Vietnam)

      Many forest animal materials are used as traditional products in

      Asian medicine. Moreover they are also exported for increasing

      living standards.

      But exploitation only from nature leads to degradaton and threat

      of primates, especially precious and rare species. For providing

      needs inside country and export, Vietnam has built some centers

      of bereeding monkeys.Now these are 3 centers: Dao Reu island in

      North, Dao Thi island nearly Nha Trang in Center and " Joint

      Company Monkey's Breeding and Development" in Dong Nai Province.

      The Dao Reu breeding center was established in 1962 to provide

      primate tissues for vaccine production. Recently each year, the

      center supplies of 200 Stump-tailed macaques (Macaca arctoicles)

      replaced former M. mulatta.

      The Center at Nha Trang was found at 1986 in cooperation with

      former Soviet Union and supplies the primates for research and

      vaccine production also. Four macaque species are now bred: M.

      mulatfa (800 ind.), M. arctoides (400 ind.), M fascicularis (400

      ind.), and most recently M. nemestrina (200 ind.). In two of

      these centers animalsare kept in cages or in semi-wild on an

      island with appropriate dietary calories and protein.

      The joint company is specialized to breed M. fascicularis with

      the capacity of 6000 animals. This company is facillated to

      develop techniques under good breeding conditions.

      Breeding and raising of Monkey are new job but has prospect in

      public health, export and preservation of monkey sources.


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