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P@WS October 2008 Newsletter

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  • NileshBhanage
    P@WS October 2008 Newsletter Edited by Shilpa Phadke ~~~(*.*)~~~(*.*)~~~(*.*)~~~ This issue contains... 1. From the Desk of Hony. General Secretary 2.
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      P@WS October 2008 Newsletter
      Edited by Shilpa Phadke

      This issue contains...
      1. From the Desk of Hony. General Secretary
      2. Distressed animals need you - SOS!
      3. Some Notable Field Calls
      4. PAWS on Web / Media
      5. Fundraising Events
      6. Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drive - Thane
      7. Merchandise of the Month - PAWS T-Shirt
      8. World Habitat Day & World Animals Day
      9. Society Pet Dog / Stray Dog Feeding issues
      10. School /College Awareness Programs
      11. New Affiliations
      12. U can make a difference!


      I would like to thank all of you for extending your kind co-operation in making the Diwali Anti-Crackers campaign a great success! We also introduced PAWS brand merchandise which has got a huge response. This has been made possible only because of the huge youth volunteer involvement. Kudos to all the youngsters who believe in their cause and contribute towards it!
      Today we have 160 registered volunteers, mostly active in fundraising, awareness, rescues, wildlife handling etc. We need more volunteers to serve our helpline. If you would like to be a part of the helpline, please e-mail us at Nilesh@...


      Rocky, the dog has fully recovered now and is raring to go. Like rocky many other suffering animals need help! PAWS is largely dependent on local donations from animal lovers, volunteers & valuable supporters like you. Even your monthly small contribution will make a difference in the life of the injured animals.

      For Direct Transfer of Donations:
      Bank : ICICI Bank Ltd.
      Branch : Dombivli MIDC Branch
      A/C. No. : 008801026804
      IFSC Code : ICIC0000088


      ## On 1st October, one owl was found injured, on 14th, a pigeon with wing injury was brought to PAWS office, on 17th , a crow which had fallen from its nest, on 18th a Pondharon was rescued, on 24th a sparrow was brought to PAWS office, on 26th, a soft back turtle & 2 common Indian parakeets were rescued by PAWS volunteers. All above rescued birds & animals were taken to Thane SPCA immediately for further rehabilitation.

      ## On 6th October, PAWS office received a call about a donkey lying injured on the road. It was taken to SPCA. Also, on 23rd October, a cow was found which had horn injuries. Maggots were coming out from the wound. This cow was taken to Thane SPCA by their staff for treatment.

      ## On 15th October, an emergency case came to PAWS. A dog was in litter process & few puppies died in the womb while some died after post delivery. The uterus of the dog was badly affected, since one dead puppy was stuck up the vagina. This occurred around 8pm. Thanks to our dedicated staff who carried the dog at 9.30pm to Thane SPCA by PAWS ambulance; then again Dr. Charier operated the dog late night till 2AM at his clinic, our staff Anil & Gangaram waited till surgery finished at 3 AM, they took operated dog back to Thane SPCA & drove back home at 3.30AM.

      ## This month PAWS Dombivli-kalyan ambulance attended 63 cases including 45 dog rescue, 13 Birds & 5 other animals.

      4. PAWS ON WEB / MEDIA:

      ## On 4th October, PAWS secretary Nilesh's interview was taken by Morning Bulletin of IBN Lokmat on the event of World Animal's Day 2008. It was a one hour program - a journey narrated by PAWS founder Nilesh in his own words.

      ## On 6th October, World Habitat Day, PAWS volunteer Aashim received 25 Sparrow nest boxes donated by Children's Academy School in Malad. The story was covered in Yuva newspaper. Below is scanned copy on Orkut.

      ## PAWS details were added in rescue registry, click below to find out:

      ## Our Scotland supporter Heather Shuckburgh visited PAWS in September 2008. Her story was covered in UK's newspaper. Click below to see...

      ## During Diwali campaign, PAWS secretary's quote was taken in DNA newspaper, click below to see them.


      ## PAWS volunteer Avinash Bhagat organized a one day picnic at his farm house in Murbad. There was a special reason to celebrate as it was the birthday of PAWS best volunteer Kunal Chheda. The party was organized by Kunal himself & the picnic contribution went to PAWS. Click below to see the photos of the picnic
      ## PAWS introduced its first merchandise - T-shirts. One of the PAWS donors donated the cost of the purchase. Click below to check photos of the T-Shirt
      Want to buy one? Just dial 9920777536.
      ## PAWS well-wisher Adinath organized a charity sale on the first day of Diwali. They put up a program 'Dipawali Surel Sandhya wherein PAWS volunteers Nilesh, Sonali, Avinash built a stall to sell the products. It was a successful event.

      ## On 26th October, Gaya Nature Club organized a fun fair wherein PAWS was invited to sell its T-Shirts. Saurabh, Anushree, Sonali, Sangam & Preeti Indurkar volunteered at the stall. Click below to see the photos:


      On Sunday 12th October, PAWS organized a vaccination drive at Kopri Colony. Over 60 dogs were taken care of and had their annual vaccination which was due in October 2008. I would like to inform that local volunteers Sushil Kangya & Vijay look after more then 120 stray dogs in entire Thane - East, Kopori area. The vaccination team was lead by Anuradha & volunteered by Preeti, Kunal, Sangam, Lekha, Darshna, Avinash & Akshay.


      PAWS office bearers decided to start selling merchandise for fundraising, PAWS came-up with the innovative idea of selling T-Shirts. Up-coming brand L&F took the order & manufactured nice t-shirts.
      Over 70% T-shirts have already sold out & we thank all those who bought them.
      To buy this merchandise call PAWS on 9820161114 or 9920777536. To see the photos click below:

      Watch out for our next merchandise in the forthcoming monthly newsletter!


      PAWS 'World Animals Day' celebration started from 3rd October 2008 wherein we organized many awareness programs.
      World Animal Day is celebrated across the world with different awareness activities. On 4th October PAWS secretary Mr. Nilesh Bhanage's interview was taken in IBN Lokmat in morning bulletin from 8AM to 9AM. Nilesh briefed about how young teams work, different activities undertaken by trust, difficulties faced over the years.

      On 6th October 2008, World Habitat Day was celebrated in a unique way by PAWS. Children's Academy school of Malad donated 25 Sparrow nest boxes to PAWS volunteers. On behalf of PAWS, volunteer Aashim accepted boxes & also narrated students the importance on protecting habitat of common Indian sparrows. All the sparrow boxes are being distributed among PAWS volunteers. Mumbai's sparrow population is declining rapidly, so this is a small step towards protecting city's charming little birds. A special mention- the school donated the sparrow nests made out of unwanted & broken school furniture. All schools can apply these environment-friendly ideas & fulfill their social responsibilities.
      Checkout out the press clipping:
      http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#AlbumZoom.aspx?uid=11637720281533423481&pid=1225345061699&aid=1223405770$pid=1225345061699 <http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#AlbumZoom.aspx?uid=11637720281533423481&pid=1225345061699&aid=1223405770$pid=1225345061699>

      9. Society Pet Dog / Stray Dog Feeding issues:

      ## On 1st October, PAWS office received a complaint regarding a Panvel housing society not allowing resident Mr. Rishab Sharma to keep a dog in his flat owing to hygiene issues. PAWS secretary wrote a stern letter to the society & the matter was solved amicably.

      ## On 1st October, PAWS office received a call from Mrs. Kajal Mane. She complained about the inhuman behavior of her neighbour. The neighbor threw hot oil on a dog & the dog died instantly. PAWS immediately swung into action & sent the dog to BSPCA for post mortem. The concerned area inspector refused to register the case. PAWS secretary called-up Maneka Gandhi in Delhi & Smt. Gandhi had to fire the inspector over phone. After this dressing down, the police immediately arrested the man & sent him behind bars. The case is pending.

      ## On 8th October, Mrs. Bharti Rawte wrote a letter to PAWS that her society residents beat up strays which live in the building premises since many years. The matter has been taken-up by PAWS. We wrote a letter informing the society about the laws which are concerned with protecting animals.

      ## On 17th October, PAWS received a complaint from Mr. Suresh Iyer, a resident of Kores Towers, Thane that society watchmen had beaten a pup badly. PAWS wrote a strong warning letter to society & the security agency. Now the society watchman is careful about his actions & our volunteers still keep a watch on his moves.


      ## On 2nd October PAWS organized an awareness program at Guardian's School in Gandhinagar, Dombivli in which more then 400 students participated & saw the Compassionate Citizen program. PAWS volunteers Sonali Bagde, Avinash Bhagat & Preeti Indurkar conducted the program.

      ## On 24th October, PAWS awareness program in-charge Sonali conducted a program at St. Xavier's Classes in Kalyan on animal welfare. Interestingly, this is the first time in the history of PAWS when a private class has organized awareness program. We are delighted!


      This month PAWS received an affiliation certificate from the 'Indian Chambers of Non-Governmental Organizations' viz. ICNGO from Delhi.


      Your small contribution will make a big difference!

      PAWS is always in need of funds, as it is largely dependent on local donations from animal lovers, volunteers & supporters like you. Even a small contribution will make difference in life of injured animals. If you donate specific small amount on a monthly basis, it will help animals and also our efforts to contact donors will be saved, those efforts can then be put to do more rescue operations & fight against cruelties.

      Anyone who wishes to become a volunteer with PAWS or wants to donate may call Mr. Nilesh on 09820161114 or send an e-mail to nilesh@... Donation Cheques / DD's can be drawn in the name of 'Plant & Animals Welfare Society' on below Address:

      A-18, Savitri Sadan,
      Dr. Mukharhji Road,
      Dombivli (East) 421201,
      Maharashtra, India.

      A registered NGO, PAWS will send you a receipt for all your donations at the earliest. For Direct transfer to PAWS accounts please check point no. 2 Thanks, Best wishes and Love from all of us.

      Plant & Animals Welfare Society - PAWS is....

      *Member Society of WSPA - World Society for Protection of Animals

      *Affiliated with Indian Chamber of Non-Governmental Organizations.

      *Associated with IOAP - International Organization for Animal Protection.

      *Associated with RSPCA - UK.

      *Affiliated with Worldwide Veterinary Services, UK.

      *Registered under the Society's Registration Act XXIX of 1960 with registration No. Maha/587-2001/Thane dated 7th July 2001.

      *Registered with the Charity Commissioner vide certificate dated 11th September 2001.

      *Donations are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act 1961, as per Certificate no. THN/CIT-III/Trust/80G/242/309/2007-08.

      *Registered Under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide letter dated May 01, 2002. Letter No. THN/CIT-III/J&T/184/2002.

      *Recognized by 'Animal Welfare Board of India', Ministry of Forests & Environment, GOVT OF INDIA.

      *Affiliated with World Animal Net (WAN) Directory, USA.


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