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ACTION ALERT: UPDATE PA H.B. 2525 (puppy mill bill)

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  • Shannon Morgan
    Dear Companion Pet Lovers ~   BAD NEWS: Both sorry amendments passed in the House and Senate and are now part of the bill - solid floors are unsanitary - I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2008
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      Dear Companion Pet Lovers ~
      BAD NEWS: Both sorry amendments passed in the House and Senate and are now part of the bill - solid floors are unsanitary - I guess it's not possible to clean or at least hose off waste??  Amendments that PASSED the House and Sentate are in red.

      PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) - Two bills that could end the abuse at puppy mills in Pennsylvania passed the house and are now headed to the senate. Now the Pennsylvania Dog Law Advisory Board says it's facing opposition from an unlikely source. A group that claims to care very much for the welfare of animals: The Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association. .

      Bill Smith showed us dogs without eyes, ears, feet, and even without barks. All of them rescued from puppy mills. He explained how wired flooring created a lot of inhumane conditions.. He also pointed out that the effort to force the use of solid flooring is one of points being opposed by The PVMA.

      The PVMA told CBS 3 that it opposes solid flooring because it is unsanitary by not allowing the feces and urine to drain. (Onto the dogs below, of course).  Smith says that's why kennel owners should be forced to clean the cages regularly. He says solid flooring is much better for the animal's paws, and prevents injuries from their legs falling through the holes and getting stuck. Solid flooring would also prevent splayed feet and branding from heated wires.

      Another section of the bill being opposed requires the dogs get outdoor exercise. Smith says that is necessary for the welfare of the animals to see the light of day and not be trapped inside without any light all day. The PVMA says that would force kennel owners to put dogs outside even in horrendous weather conditions, and they suggest indoor runs would be sufficient.

      In our discussion with the PVMA Executive Director Charlene Wandzilak told us, "We support the passage of the bill, but would like amendments to be made to pass the bill. As an association and profession we dedicate our=2 0lives to the welfare of animals, including these dogs, and it's a shame that this has become adversarial when at the end of the day we all want what is best for the dogs, and may just take a different approach to doing it."

      Smith says their opposition in these last days before the Senators vote could delay the passage of the bill, and that he says would force the dogs to continue to be brutalized in dark and unsanitary living conditions.

      Tom Hickey Senior, a member of the Pennsylvania Dog Law Advisory Board says Governor Rendell has supported the two bills for a long time. He says the governor has promised to sign them the minute the senate passes the bills. That would mean the bills would become law within 90 days.

      They are circulating a petition right now to get the attention of your Senators. Visit savingpuppies.com for more information, or to help them fight for these bills. They also promise to post the name of all the Representatives who oppose the bill.

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