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Fwd: ACTION ALERT: Special Message from Bill Smith, Main Line Animal Rescue

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    Dear Compansion Pet Lovers ~ Please join Columbus Top Dogs in supporting our good friends Bill S mith and Main Line Animal Rescue in their efforts to pass PA
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2008
      Dear Compansion Pet Lovers ~

      Please join Columbus Top Dogs in supporting our good friends Bill S
      mith and Main Line Animal Rescue in their efforts to pass PA H.B. 2525 WITHOUT any amendments! The full scope of their special request is below.

      Here is the link to all members of the PA Senate - > http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/member_information/senators_alpha.cfm.

      Thanks in advance for your kind consideration.

      P.S. Below is a quick recap from today's Oprah segment...
      I am watching the Oprah show right now. From the standpoint of an update and informing the public, the puppy mill segment so far is worthwhile. She is detailing some of the recent raids and conditions in the mills; just mentioned the Havens thing and not by name. Bill from Main Line Animal Rescue in PA is back; he just told the story of the 80 dogs shot by the Amish miller, and after the bre
      ak, he talked briefly about the pending PA legislation and brought on a mill dog whose leg went down through the wire of his rabbit hutch, was grabbed by the dog in the cage below, and cut off by the miller with tinsnips. After the show, Oprah.com is supposed to have the names and addresses people can write to protest and to support legislation. Lots of urging people to adopt from shelters; the rep from Main Line says that petstore puppy sales are down and millers are surrendering dogs to their rescue because they are no longer profitable.

      They keep repeating that this is just the tip of the iceberg, which is good.

      .... in terms of keeping momentum going, this is a pretty good "sound bite" report.


      Mary O'Connor-Shaver
      Cell: 614-271-8248
      Columbus Top Dogs (Shure Pets)

      LEGISLATIVE ALERTS: Please visit our Home page for pending legislation impacting the welfare of OH animals - http://www.columbustopdogs.com/

      I donate ALL profits from the sale of our premium products and accessories to local animal protection groups!

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      Subject: Re: UPDATE: Highlights from Today's Oprah Segment on Puppy
      Date: Thu, September 25, 2008 1:17 pm
      To: mshaver_0462@...


      Call as many State Senators as you can (we need to concentrate on Senator Gibson Armstrong of Lancaster who may add even more amendments today. His numbers are 717-787-6535 and 717-397-1309. Tell him you may not be a resident of Lancaster but you shop and vacation in Lancaster County and that will stop unless H.B. 2525 passes without these or any additional amendments.

      Amendments were added by the Senate Agriculture Committee yesterday that would:

      Make waivers available to commercial breeders IF they can prove that they have just made significant improvements to their kennels and they have a clean record as far as state inspections. Under these waivers, a commercial breeder can receive an exemption for up to three years after H.B. 2525 is passed and their dogs will continue to be housed in tiny cages, standing on wire flooring, without outside exercise runs. Though we understand the thinking behind this (if a farmer just spent $100,000 on a new kennel building), we would remind the Senate that the struggle to improve conditions for dogs kept in Pennsylvania's breeding kennels has gone on for well over two years and breeders had to know there was a very good chance the kennels they were building would be obsolete or have to be altered significantly if anything passed. This amendment is unacceptable and must be removed. At the very least, there should be no exemption as far as using wire
      flooring. All dogs throughout the Commonwealth should be removed from wire flooring as quickly as possible.

      2) Make it difficult for wardens/state inspectors to inspect all buildings on a property where dogs may be housed. Inspections are limited to the kennel building. We all know that the majority of these farms have numerous out-buildings20and breeders often house dogs all over their properties. While we agree a breeder's house should be off-limits (without a search warrant), all buildings should be searched if there is the slightest chance dogs are being kept inside them. MLAR has observed dogs and puppies in trailers, sheds, chicken coops, the backs of trucks, and in haylofts. If the inspection is limited to one designated kennel, dogs housed thirty feet away in a silo may be overlooked. Inspections must include any and all buildings on the property (accept their homes).

      3) Make it impossible to charge a commercial breeder with housing dogs in a kennel with a temperatures above 85 degrees. The ceiling temperature of 85 degrees was left in the bill, but IF a breeder makes an effort to cool his kennels, he cannot be charged. So if a commercial breeder places a small fan in a kennel full of dogs with a temperature of 102 degrees, he cannot be cited. This amendment offers no relief from the sweltering heat in which these dogs are now forced to live. The explanation for this was, the Amish do not provide their children with air-conditioning or fans, and they have no electricity. Our answer to this is they should not be breeding dogs then. This is a business. The Amish do use genera
      tors to milk their cows (and many of the Amish breeders we meet have cell phone rechargers???), and special exemptions are often given by their church. Also, their children are not forced to stay inside their hot barns but can walk out into the fresh air and shade themselves under a tree. Their dogs cannot. We think breeders should never be able to house dogs in buildings with inside temperatures above 85 degrees. Long-haired dogs can easily die of heat exhaustion and puppies and nursing mother can quickly become dehydrated.

      Please contact the PA State Senators and ask them to remove these amendments which weaken H.B. 2525. This may be the final push and it is imperative that we contact them ASAP.

      Thank you!

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