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  • Shannon Morgan
    Welcome to Infoshop News Wednesday, September 03 2008 @ 08:21 AM CDT     North American Animal Liberation Press Office Newsletter Tuesday, September 02 2008
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      Welcome to Infoshop News
      Wednesday, September 03 2008 @ 08:21 AM CDT
      North American Animal Liberation Press Office Newsletter
      Tuesday, September 02 2008 @ 07:24 AM CDT
      Contributed by: Anonymous
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      After recent attacks against vivisectors who abuse, torture and kill animals inside laboratories in Santa Cruz, California, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) offered $2500 of donor�s money to add to the reward offered for the arrest of those liberationists who participated in the actions!!! �Only last year People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was discovered regularly killing healthy, homeless dogs and cats and tossing their bodies in trash dumpsters. Yet millions of people who purport to care about animals send these two organizations tens of millions of dollars every year. Tens of millions of dollars wasted on expensive office buildings, six-figure salaries, millions of trinkets mailed with fundraising letters and ridiculous lettuce costumes; tens of millions of dollars that could be funding a serious struggle for animal liberation.

      North American Animal Liberation Press Office Newsletter

      Alternatively, despite its persistent and growing success, the North American Animal Liberation Press Office operates on a few thousand dollars a year, donated by individuals who know every dime of their donation is used by unpaid volunteers to spread the message that animal liberation is an attainable goal, but a goal that requires the complete commitment of increasing numbers of animal liberationists. A vitally important message of the Press Office, that is now being heard by millions, is that animal liberationists have noble goals and a long history of fighting for animal liberation. Furthermore, these animal liberationists use the very same tactics that have been successfully used in all the important liberation struggles throughout history.

      More and more animal liberationists are stepping forward to directly save the lives of animals by removing them from conditions of immense suffering and pain. They're also making it increasingly difficult for humans to exploit, torture, and murder innocent animals and continue doing business as usual. POM Wonderful Juice company no longer cuts the penile arteries of rabbits and force feeds them their juice, 30 fewer non-human primates are being tortured and then experiencing miserable deaths at the hands of UCLA vivisector Dario Ringach, who quit animal experimentation after his colleagues were attacked by liberationists; and hundreds of suppliers and customers have stopped funding Huntingdon Life Sciences as a direct result of liberationists' actions. Tell the animals still imprisoned and being brutalized that another hundred years of polite protests and letter writing campaigns might one day alleviate their suffering. Or, as liberationists have said,
      get busy out there and make a real difference for the animals.

      And go ahead, send that $20 every month to PETA so their mortgage payment gets made on time, or that $40 to HSUS so Wayne Pacelle can cash his six-figure paycheck.� (200K per year according to charitynavigator.org) �Or find a way to really help the animals languishing in laboratory cages, waiting for a human to grab them, strap them into a metal device, insert electrodes into their brain or poison them with nicotine or methamphetamines. Help that chained dog get a new lease on life with someone who has the compassion to really care for her. Cut the fences that condemn millions of mink and foxes to anal electrocution and skinning so some rich white woman can make her sadistic fashion statement.

      If you truly cannot do what needs to be done, then consider supporting the Press Office and other serious, liberation organizations. To find out how you can donate once or monthly, drop as an email or give us a call.

      For the animals:
      The Press Office

      "Only force can help where force prevails"- Bertolt Brecht

      Animal Liberation Press Office

      STAPLES�supports this:� http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88kMJXphN0k

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