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Fw: Norway begins whaling season

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  • nancie barnett
    May 2, 2008 - World Society for the Protection of Animals From: WSPA Animal World e-Newsletter Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 7:02 PM To: Nancie Barnett Subject:
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      May 2, 2008 - World Society for the Protection of Animals

      From: WSPA Animal World e-Newsletter
      Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 7:02 PM
      To: Nancie Barnett
      Subject: Norway begins whaling season

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      May 2, 2008
      Whaling in Norway: 1 down, 1,051 to go

      The waters turned bloody Wednesday morning as the Norwegian whaling season began with the killing of a Minke whale calf. This is the first of 1,052 whales that Norway is set to kill this season. Many of these whales will suffer long and painful deaths, as some will take over an hour to die after being hit with explosive harpoons. Polls have shown that the majority of Norwegians are against the cruelty of whaling, yet these brutal and unnecessary hunts continue to take place year after year. Read more >>

      Dying to entertain you

      Sharky, a female bottle-nosed dolphin, died this week when she collided with another dolphin in a show at Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida. This tragedy is yet another sad example of the cruelty inherent in keeping dolphins in captivity. Across the world, about 1,000 dolphins like Sharky are held by the entertainment industry, where they are deprived of even the most basic instincts and are forced to spend their lives performing for tourists. Hopefully Sharky's story will serve as a reminder to compassionate tourists not to visit these cruel and exploitive events. Read more >>

      WSPA counters abandonment of cats in China

      In March 2008, WSPA began investigating claims that a mass cat cull was planned in China in advance of the Olympic Games. To date we have found neither evidence nor direct reports of indiscriminate catching/trapping of cats by the authorities of Beijing. However, a service was established offering a cat 'collection' service to pet owners. Advertisement of this service gave unsubstantiated information about cat diseases, which led many people to unnecessarily surrender their pets. WSPA's Beijing office is providing education materials for cat owners to help counter false information and provide long-term solutions. Read more >>

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