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14995Super Bowl Ad Designed to Fail

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  • Kerri Milam
    Feb 1, 2009
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      Super Bowl Ad Designed to Fail

      Posted by: "cohensmilk1"


      Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:18 pm (PST)

      Super Bowl Ad Designed to Fail

      News Item: NBC Refuses to Accept Super Bowl

      TV Commercial Produced by the People for

      The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

      ************ ********* ********* ***

      This is not the first PETA ad to be banned.

      Super Bowl advertising geniuses have once

      again been outplayed and outbluffed by PETA.

      PETA's censored sexually suggestive ad would

      have generated $3 million for NBC. Instead,

      PETA's brilliant plan has generated many

      millions of dollars worth of free publicity.

      A cleverly executed maneuver---let' s review

      the videotape--- no flags on the play!

      Unless you're from Pennsylvania (four percent

      of America) or Arizona (two percent of America),

      the 2009 Super Bowl game just lacks fan appeal.

      It will become the lowest rated Super Bowl game

      in many years. According to Vegas oddsmakers,

      there's little betting action on the game.

      According to scalpers, good seats can be

      purchased at reasonable prices.

      I'll be watching today just to observe clever

      commercials. Wanna wager that NBC runs ads

      containing more sexually suggestive themes

      than this one? Watch PETA's banned ad:

      http://www.peta org

      "Please don't fling me into the brier patch.

      Drown me as deep as you please.

      Skin me.

      Snatch out my eyeballs.

      Tear out my ears by the roots.

      Cut off my legs.

      But please, don't fling me in that brier patch."

      You might recognize that plea from Brer Rabbit

      to Brer Fox. Of course, that is exactly what the

      gullible fox (NBC) did to the crafty rabbit (PETA)

      who soon made an escape in the brier patch. The fox

      was tricked into doing the dumbest thing possible.

      LOL - What morons. They've got cow-excrement

      for brains.

      Thirty second Super Bowl ads costing $3 million

      each are for billion dollar companies. PETA

      would never spend ten percent of their entire

      budget on one thirty second ad when they can

      invest zero dollars and receive tens of millions

      in free publicity. When it comes to advertising,

      PETA is the world's champion!

      Television executives have thrown PETA into the

      brier patch. PETA's founder/director, Ingrid

      Newkirk, was born and bred in the brier patch!

      Robert Cohen

      http://www.notmilk com

      P.S. Add this video link to your signature and/or spread it around so the world can know about this please!

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