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An Open Letter to American Humane ~ RE: Their new image

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  • neuteress
    Please cross post and email to everyone you know who either donates to humane efforts or is a humane volunteer. Write and forward, we can t expect change and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2003
      Please cross post and email to everyone you know who
      either donates to humane efforts or is a humane
      volunteer. Write and forward, we can't expect change
      and accountability unless we DEMAND it. We need
      literally hundreds of thousands of emails and letters.

      Thanks for all you do. You won't have to do nearly as
      much for nearly as long if you demand accountability
      from the folks with all the resources to make it

      You might consider mentioning that your humane group
      plans to include a disclaimer in all the literature
      that you distribute, as to why EXACTLY you don't
      support AH.

      Let's work smarter, we surely can't work any harder.

      You can reach AH at:

      Let's Neuter!
      Kat Chaplin ~ a/k/a The Neuteress of the Night
      Ahimsa of Texas

      --- Neuteress of the Night <neuteress@...>

      > I'd like to ask a few very specific questions and
      > request responses to only the questions I'm asking.
      > Hopefully they will be fodder for thought for the
      > decision makers at American Humane.
      > As you just announced, American Humane has at their
      > disposal, adequate funds, adequate 'connections',
      > and a bona fide pro bono advertising agency.
      > When will we see an advertising campaign that shows
      > the public that spay neuter is simply the right
      > thing to do? And please, don't tell me about any Public
      > Service Announcement that might be available that
      > the humane community can order, which we then have to
      > beg, borrow and steal to get it on the air. We want an
      > ADVERTISING campaign!
      > American Humane is blessed with millions upon
      > millions of dollars in donations yearly. Yes, you have some
      > excellent 'projects' and 'educational programs', but
      > what you don't have is a desire to change the
      > mentality of the American Public on a level at which
      > it needs to take place. Spay neuter isn't even
      > mentioned in your email 'advertising' your new
      > image.
      > There is virtually NOTHING on prime time TV today to
      > advertise spay neuter. A precious few Public
      > Service Announcements trickle worthlessly through the
      > mind-boggling mass advertising that the American
      > public soaks up on a daily basis. Mass mailings
      > from national humane organizations arrive requesting
      > donations and promoting name recognition but without
      > a single word on the envelope saying PLEASE SPAY
      > NEUTER.
      > I really don't want to hear what American Humane
      > does do, I want to address what NO one is doing,
      > including American Humane. Advertising spay neuter.
      > Because I DO advertise spay neuter, with my meager
      > resources (and on a very small level), I KNOW that
      > the majority of the public is totally ignorant of The
      > Pet Kill Crisis. The methods I'm using to educate have
      > attracted national and international publications,
      > because what I'm doing is unique and it works.
      > Of course the reasons people have for not neutering
      > vary as does the rationality, from person to person,
      > but the one common thread between them all is, they
      > simply are not being PROGRAMMED to spay neuter. Most
      > of the people I talk to on a daily basis are
      > educated, responsible, compassionate people with pets who
      > simply aren't aware there is a major animal over population
      > problem.
      > They ARE being programmed to buy a certain toilet
      > paper. They ARE being programmed to by a certain
      > brand of peanut butter.. They ARE being programmed to buy
      > a Ford or a GMC truck.
      > SO where the Hell is the spay neuter advertising?
      > After 125 years have we not learned anything?
      > Zip, nil, nada.
      > What I want is ACCOUNTABILITY, not just to see
      > another 'image' or new logo. There's a job to be done and I
      > don't see the national humane groups getting it
      > done.
      > I will be emailing your new pro bono agency and
      > presenting a few ideas to them. Hopefully they are
      > truly committed to helping the animals, because I
      > can show them a way to do it without having to donate a
      > thing, simply by presenting the concept that "Neuter
      > is COOL" to their clients.
      > I'd be absolutely delighted if American Humane would
      > give my ideas consideration. They are viable, they
      > are in tune with today's mentality and advertising and,
      > most importantly THEY WORK.
      > Please visit my sites for more information:
      > http://www.ahimsatx.org (spay neuter slogans)
      > http://www.meowsville.com
      > Thank you for your time. Please, only personal
      > responses directly addressing my question, I truly
      > don't want the 8 X 10 glossy and slick portfolio
      > about what you DO do. This is about what you NEED to do.
      > I will also be taking the liberty to copy everyone I
      > know in the humane community. We need you to do a
      > lot more than establish a new image. The only reason to
      > change an image is because the old image isn't
      > working.
      > Let's NEUTER!
      > Kathleen (Kat) Chaplin
      > a/k/a The Neuteress of the Night

      Dear Kathleen,
      We'd like to introduce American Humane's New Brand!

      Our new brand identity encompasses American Humane's key defining

      * leadership
      * empowering
      * strategic
      * humane
      * heritage

      Under our new image and one brand, we can solidly position ourselves
      as the child and animal welfare organization to which caring
      supporters like you can turn to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, and
      violence. Read more
      http://www.americanhumane.org/site/R?i=tGGC9HHVRlKFQEioWaLqEQ.. about
      exciting new brand image, achieved through the pro-bono talent of
      Monigle Associates http://www.monigle.com/.

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