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An email I received.......Any help would be appreciated

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  • fivegoodboys
    We are an association of animal protection Pro Animals from Tg- Jiu , Romania. I have your address from a romanian newspaper named Formula As which
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2003
      We are an association of animal protection " Pro Animals" from Tg-
      Jiu , Romania. I have your address from a romanian newspaper
      named "Formula As" which fights for animal rights especially for
      dogs because of the attrocities committed above them. I write you to
      ask for your help or to put me in touch with other organisations
      that could help me. In tg-jiu the methods of dogs extermination are
      as barbarian as in Bucharest and in other cities from Romania. I've
      been fighting for three years with the local authorities to stop the
      slaughter but unfortunately with no result. I made public various
      images in the local, national press and in the international press
      too. Are used different methods of dogs extermination: poisoning,
      starving till dead,after they are caught in a primitive way with
      nooses of wire are dragged on the pavement 50-100sqm, killed with
      gasoline injected into their hearts and thrown in pits or they are
      brought into the woods,shooted and to demonstrate that the've been
      shot the catchers cut their noses and their paws. We have these kind
      of images. I succeeded to save many dogs which I gave for adoption
      and I have in the shelter now 180 dogs .But , unfortunately, the
      shelter belongs to the city hall and they threathen me that if I
      make public the illegalities they do they will throw my dogs out of
      the shelter or they will kill them. It's a blackmail... It's very
      very hard for me, I can't handle on my own , all alone.Here is very
      cold, -22, -25degrees . The shelter is in a field , is not adequate
      and are only 45 cages. In Decembre died many dogs because of the bad
      wheather. I have many pregnant femals and I don't have any
      possibility to neuter them, I don't have food or medicines. I work
      daily in the shelter with a woman that I have to pay. Unfortunately
      my financial possibilities are very low and I'm not able any longer
      to soustain this alone. Hoping that you'll be able to help me keep
      on fighting for this cause to rescue the dogs from the shelter ,
      thank you and I'm looking forward to have a sign from you.

      ing.carmena serbanoiu

      fax : +40523214054

      p.s.If you need images or other information please tell me.

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