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DNA Beware! Groups,Avoid This Person!!! (NY)

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  • Colleen Klaum
    PLEASE CROSS POST This is an URGENT crosspost! I hope NO ONE lets any animal fall victim to this person!.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2002

      This is an URGENT crosspost! I hope NO ONE lets any animal fall victim to this person!.

      << Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 05:26:10 -0700

      From: Ms.Rottie (Original Message) Sent: 9/5/2002 10:17 AM
      Be Careful..Be on the lookout ...

      Please beware of a young man in Brentwood, NY, who advertised on petfinder with the email address of "dadragon@ _____" he will travel the distance to get bait for his profitable dogfighting ring.

      This is an update of original message.

      It has been learned that this fellow has now moved on to not only wanting puppies but also adult dogs and possibly even kittens. It seems there is a large pitbull fighting ring in the Brentwood area and often these small animals are used for bait. If you need suggestions on your adoption/screening process don't hesitate to contact me. In addition, Please pass the information along to others you know with small animals who need a home.

      His first ad stated that he wanted 5-6 puppies, preferably, pitbull, rottweiler, or german shepherd. His second ad was for one puppy. He was contacted by a dog rescuer who told him that she had 2, 12 week old pit mix puppies for adoption. He became very excited and wanted to know when he could pick up the puppies. He stated that the wanted them both. He did not care about color, or sex of the pups, just he wanted to come and pick them up.

      There was extensive email correspondance with him and in each mail he insisted upon "picking up the pups" and "where do you live?" He did not pass preadoption background checks and he refused a home check, refused to provide proof of lease, etc. His previous ads stated he prefers pitbulls and other "muscle/guard type" dogs. However, he may move on to other types of young puppies or dogs. I am writing this as a warning in case you are contacted by this person. THIS PERSON WAS DEEMED UNSUITABLE FOR ADOPTION. HE IS CURRENTLY UNDER INVESTIGATION. Please carefully screen potential adopters..

      From: Amythedogshrink Sent: 9/5/2002 12:55 PM
      I apologize for having gotten a little graphic below, but I won't delete it.

      I'm so glad you posted this Ms Rottie! This is an important issue, that many people just don't realize when they offer their pets for adoption, just wanting them to have a "good home". There are also people who are apparently more sophisticated and slicker than this man, who are very able to fool even very astute rescuers/pet owners. I have heard of them even hiring "families" in order to get the "free pet to good home" so they can sell it to the laboratories. That is supposed to be illegal in most, if not all states, but how will you know what happened, once you hand over the pet? It is difficult to enforce these laws.

      I have previously posted here about Duke the Dalmation, in Bucks Cty, PA, whose owner gave him free to a couple of nice, wholesome, college boys, to be the dorm pet. Apparently, they went into some detail about where they lived (in the dorm, supposedly) and how much fun and exercise Duke would have, with all the college guys taking turns walking him and taking him to play in the parks. It was found later that he was used as bait for pit bull training: he was mutilated by the boys, too, presumably to let blood to incite the pits, or maybe just because they enjoyed hurting him -- who can say? He was tied to a tree, unable to defend himself, and attacked over and over by the pits. When the pits were unable or unwilling to finish the job, the boys killed poor Duke -- and not in a merciful way.

      When all of this came to light, and the boys were arrested, the woman who gave Duke to the boys was devastated -- I'm sure she truly was. She was quoted as saying, "They seemed like such nice boys.... I just wanted him to have a good home."

      These are the famous last words of so many well meaning people, "I just want him to have a good home".

      Please, please, screen, screen, screen -- actually call those references, but be aware that they give false references, even vets have been known to be paid to give a good reference to a puppy seller. That is why you ask for and check more than one reference. It is awkward sometimes, yes, but not as awkward as what happened to Duke. Do a home check, too. A lot of people resent this intrusion of references and a home check. I've had people try to make me feel guilty: "Well, if this dog needs a home so bad (ad was marked urgent), then I would think you'd be happy if someone decent wants to adopt it, instead of all these references and fees." But in reality, I would rather have put the dog down, than have her ever know a harsh word again.

      And, very, very important: always, always charge some fee that is reasonable ($50 bare minimum.). No matter how careful you are, you may still not always pick the best home, but hopefully you will make it as hard as possible for the sadistic fools to get their hands on the animal.

      Sorry to be longwinded, but this is such an important subject that Ms Rottie has posted. I don't think we can stress it too much. As she said, BE CAREFUL!

      "Live in peace with the animals. Animals bring love to our hearts, and warmth to our souls."

      Colleen Klaum

      "He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." Immanuel Kant

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