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Polish animals desperately waiting for D Day!

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  • Animals Rescue Association EL VAGABUNDO
    On Fri, 2:54 pm I all ready send it a letter with firms of all of you to presidential desk...but we still have no answer and we don t stop to collect the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2002
      On Fri, 2:54 pm I all ready send it a letter with firms of all of you to
      presidential desk...but we still have no answer and we don't stop to
      collect the firms, for today we have all ready 1518 firms please keep
      signing this petition! the members of polish national hunters association
      (PZL) all ready, prepares his arms...
      All I know on the moment, few polish animal protection associations make an
      different petitions and actions. Also you can help by sending private
      letters to president of Poland from his site http://www.prezydent.pl/ or
      using his e-mail adress: aleksander@...


      "-------- Oryginalna wiadomość --------
      Temat: Protest w zwiazku z nowelizacja ustawy o ochronie zwierzat
      Od: "Animals Rescue Association EL VAGABUNDO" <catdog@...>
      Do: aleksander@...

      Szanowny Pan
      Aleksander Kwasniewski
      Prezydent Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej
      ul.Wiejska 10

      Szanowny Panie Prezydencie!

      Wraz z 1176 obroncami zwierzat ktorzy podpisali sie pod nasza petycja
      chcemy dolaczyc nasz protest, w zwiazku z nowelizacja ustawy o ochronie
      zwierzat w polsce..." copy of orginall letter you can read in here:

      English Version.

      Dear Mr. President,

      Together with 1176 other animal protectors who have signed our petition, we
      would like to attach our protest in connection of the new changes in law
      regarding animal protection in Poland.
      Getting rid of the homeless domestic animals by shooting guns at them is
      inhuman behaviour and does not result as a solution to the problem. This
      will produce a lack of control over the people who use guns and encourage
      their overuse of weapons.
      Up until now I was very proud to be a Pole, from the achievements and steps
      our country has made in order to enter the European Union, as I
      imagined.However I am ashamed when Polish Senate not only cannot resolve
      problems related with animals but also will not and concludes by resulting
      to murdering animals, which might have guarded the very same Senate
      residency doors once upon a time.In the united Europe there is no place for
      countries that do not respect and do not want to respect animals' rights.
      Poland should show to all the European Union countries that as a nation we
      support animal protection and not promote cruelty to animals!
      The lack of law protecting domestic animals and the unlawful killing of
      them puts our country along side of countries like Spain, Portugal or
      This is portraying Poland as a place where animals have rights but in
      reality they really do not have them.
      We are pleading for you not to create situations where Polish animal
      protectors are forced to organise animal adoption abroad, similar to what
      other (even in the above mentioned countries) animal protectors are
      resulted in doing to save animal lives.
      These desperate actions to save animals in Poland will put our country to
      shame in front of the whole world. But it also distorts the image of Poland
      as a democratic country and a country that values beliefs and opinions of
      its citizens.
      We are asking for your veto, for the introduction of changes in the animal
      protection act and submitting new acts and articles to regulate these

      - Relating to animal transportation, especially the horses
      - Protection and new solutions regarding homeless domestic animals,
      especially cats and dogs
      - Better control of all animals' breeders.

      We are attaching an internet link to a page where there are signatures being
      collected as a petition demanding better rights and protection for animals.


      Yours truly,


      Animal Rescue Association
      Forum @ http://www.elvagabundo.org/forum.htm
      email: catdog@...
      ICQ: 69407968
      Asociacion al Rescate de los Animales "el vagabundo" No.14206 -Registro
      General de Asociaciones Castilla de la Mancha Toledo
      C.I.F. G-45513785
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