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WAR'S NEW OP: Agitate to Liberate - Save the Azopharma Animals!‏

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  • Brennan Browne
    ****Cross Post Freely****   WAR Launches New Campaign June 1, 2010 Operation: Agitate to Liberate Save the Azopharma Animals Special Note from WAR:  We know
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2010
      ****Cross Post Freely****

      WAR Launches New


      Operation: Agitate to Liberate

      Save the Azopharma Animals

      Special Note from WAR:  We know that
      everyone is busy and that there are many campaigns competing for your
      attention.  The lives, of as many as 170 animals, are hanging in the
      balance here.  Please, we beg you, take some time to read about this
      desperate situation and take action to save these precious, innocent
      lives. This is an opportunity for everyone to agitate to liberate.


      On April 2, 2010, Azopharma, owner of Oxford, NJ based Aniclin
      Preclinical Services, went into receivership.  This left
      100 people without jobs and roughly 130 beagle dogs
      and as many as 40 monkeys in limbo at the AniClin facility (which
      tested pharmaceuticals and chemicals for companies like Novartis and
      Schering-Plough very much like the notorious Huntingdon Life

      When the owners locked the doors and walked away from the building,
      they gave no thought or consideration to the animals imprisoned
      inside.  Aniclin staffers scaled fences and forcibly entered the
      building in order to feed, water and care for the trapped animals.

      In late April, Win Animal Rights was notified that the animals were
      receiving only minimal care from a skelton staff.  Most, if not all, of
      these animals are fit to be relocated into
      sanctuaries and animal rescues, yet Bank of America (which now owns
      Azopharma) and the company
      handling the receivership (Morris Anderson) have found it more
      convenient to just kill all of the animals.

      Since late April, we have been corresponding with a member of the
      Receiver's team.  Our first order of business was to make sure that the
      animals were not killed.  Next, we offered to take the animals and to
      place them into sanctuaries where they could live out the rest of their
      lives in peace and dignity.  Sanctuary for the 40 monkeys has already
      been secured and we have no doubt that we can find homes and
      sanctuaries for the beagles.

      130 Beagles
      & 4 Monkeys are depending on you!

      We must take steps to let the Receiver and other decision makers know
      that the animals at Aniclin deserve to be released and retired.  They
      have already given enough of their lives, enough of their freedom and
      enough of their blood for human greed.  Many of them have been the
      subjects of laboratory experiments for over 5 years.

      We are asking that for the next 4 days, you make a commitment to
      advocate for these poor animals.  Each day, we will release contact
      information for one of the decision makers.  Remember, their lives are
      in your hands.

      DAY 1 - JUNE 1st


      Contact the Management Team of the Receiver:  Morris Anderson &

      PHONE - E-MAIL -

      Ask Morris Anderson to make the recommendation to Bank of America and
      the courts to release the animals to retirement and sanctuary or
      adoptive homes.

      Morris Anderson & Associates

      55 West Monroe Street, Suite 2500

      Chicago, IL 60603

      Main: (312) 254-0880

      Fax: (312) 727-0180

      Daniel F. Dooley

      Principal & CEO

      e-mail: DDooley@...

      direct line: (312)

      J. Lawrence Hennessy

      Principal & CFO

      phone: (314) 854-9191

      e-mail: LHennessy@...

      Kenneth R. Yager, II

      Principal & CMO

      phone: (312)

      e-mail: KYager@...

      Alan J. Glazer

      Senior Principal

      phone: (212)

      e-mail: AGlazer@...

      James P. Ross


      phone: (312) 254-0889

      e-mail: JRoss@...

      Howard R. Korenthal


      phone: (414) 289-7152

      e-mail: HKorenthal@...

      Domenic Aversa


      phone: (917)
      281-9300 or (216)

      e-mail: DAversa@...

      (Note: Domenic Aversa is the Principal responsible for
      Azopharma/Aniclin, so he is a prime focus of our attention)

      All e-mails in this alert (cut & paste block into e-mail address




      Please make your calls and send your e-mails and faxes TODAY - June 1.
      Tomorrow, we will release contact information on Bank of America.

      Please don't
      let the Azopharma Animals Down!

      the WAR
      Calendar for future events: http://calendar.yahoo.com/winanimalrights

      Visit the WAR MySpace page:  http://www.myspace.com/winanimalrights

      Visit the WAR
      Facebook page: 

      info contact Win Animal Rights at: centcom@...

      Call: 646.267.9934
      or visit the WAR website at: http://war-online.org

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