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  • Paul N Davis
    Below are the last three comments recently left on the petition that has been raised to stop Tesco ( Fresh & Easy in the USA ) selling and butchering live
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2008
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      Below are the last three comments recently left on the petition that has
      been raised to stop Tesco ( 'Fresh & Easy' in the USA ) selling and
      butchering live turtles in their stores in China.

      Please review if you have signed the petition and had your say against this
      barbaric trade in live animals.

      "Help persuade Tesco to stop selling live turtles in China" petition!

      "I will not shop at Tesco nor use their petrol stations or financial
      services until they cease this barbaric trade in live turtles in China - and
      I shall tell as many people as I can about what the supermarket is up to.
      Tesco are not fooling anybody by hiding their blatant lack of morals beneath
      the guise of honouring cultural differences. Cruelty is cruelty and must be
      stopped - Tesco are willfully supporting the continuation of this cruelty
      for the sake of profit. As Gandhi said, the degree of a nation's
      civilisation can be measured by how it treats its animals."
      "I will boycott Tesco until you change your policy in China. Please stop the
      "I have now found out about what you are allowing to happen in your store`s
      in china and i will make sure everyone else does, i work for sainsburys and
      am the PR Ambassador for sainsburys, i speak and lease with alot of very
      influential people, it is awful what you are allowing, you may not want to
      impose our way of life on to the chinese or our moral ways thats fine. in
      that case dont bloody encourage it after all you are an english buissness
      first and formost you are the provider not the supplier for these poor
      turtles to the customers there just dont sell them in store i am sure the
      sales would not go down, not like you got alot of competition around, if
      they wanna go else where for turtle meat then let them it will be a pain for
      them to travel more but you would be able to hold your head up high not like
      those poor turles, i think it`s ABOUT time tesco`s had some bad publicity
      where i live and no not all publicity is good publicity not this time. sleep
      well you selfish bastards. Mrs Davidson. remember the name you will be
      seeing alot more of it."

      Please sign the petition and have your say ......

      All of our voices together can make a difference !

      Take care, Paul.

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