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  • Brennan Browne
    PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO REVOKE MAKAH WHALING RIGHTS! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/help-revoke-makah-whaling-rights MAKAH WHALING FACTS: A) A petition
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2008



      A) A petition by the Makah Tribe successfully REMOVED the Gray Whale from the U.S. Endangered Species list in 1994. [Scientists studying Gray whales, today, report their numbers as increasingly endangered.]

      B) The Clinton Administration chose to SUPPORT Makah whaling instead of the U.S. backed international treaty banning hunting; of which America is a signatory. Through the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and others, Clinton gave the Makah tribe $335,000 [taxpayer money] to create their own TRIBAL WHALING COMMISSION. We, the U.S. taxpayers, [via the Clinton Administration] also hired the public relations firm of Miller and Associates; as well as flew Makah to France, New Zealand, Oman, and Alaska to plead their case to the International Whaling Commission. [The IWC rejected the Makah whaling request saying they did not meet the requirements under the 'cultural' OR 'subsistence' criteria set forth by the IWC].

      C) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA], part of the Dept. of Commerce, has given the Makah tribe several hundred thousand dollars. The then head of NOAA, D. James Baker, traveled to International Whaling Commission meetings in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1996, and to Monte Carlo, Monaco in 1997, to argue the Makah case for their resumption of whaling. When it became apparent that the IWC was not going to approve the Makah request in 1997, it was Baker who ultimately helped broker a back-room deal with Russia, which allowed the Makah to take a portion of the Russian Gray whale subsistence quota. [The IWC, to this day, has NEVER given permission to the Makah to whale...international law supercedes Makah's U.S. treaty rights].

      D) The Makah tribe's TRUE interest in whaling has nothing to do with culture or tradition. They are attempting to use their whaling right under the 1855 Treaty, to leverage themselves into a lucrative commercial whaling deal with the Japanese.
      Makah leaders have been quoted widely as saying that they either intend to sell Gray whale meat to Japan, or at least reserve the right to sell the meat. [A clear violation of the IWC moratorium].

      E) Makah have met with [and have ties to] Japan's Maruha Co., [Maruha is one of three massive fishing conglomerates (including Nissui & Kyokuyo); who own 7 fish processing plants in the Pacific Northwest region alone...and several hundred more globally]. Maruha, Nissui and Kyokuyo ARE the whaling industry in Japan. Together they have killed over 1/2 million whales since WWII. Recently these companies (under pressure from threatened seafood boycotts) 'divested' their whaling stock; to appease growing outrage at Japan's continued refusal to abide by international law and honor the ongoing whaling moratorium. However, their whaling stock was simply transferred to the "Institute of Cetacean Research"...a "front" organization owned by the Japanese government; who has long claimed their whaling is for 'scientific research'...yet the whale meat is sold throughout Japan. Kyokuyo reaps millions from this slaughter as it provides the whaling ships AND manufactures/packages and
      distributes the meat as well. [ Initiating consumer seafood boycotts against Maruha, Nissui and Kyokuyo COULD QUICKLY, EFFECTIVELY AND PERMANENTLY BRING AN END TO JAPANESE WHALING!...it would also, almost certainly, dry up any serious opportunity for the Makah dream of successfully selling whale meat].

      F) The Makah tribe's low-profile meetings/relationship with Maruha does INDEED signal the future intent for the tribe to process and sell whale meat to Maruha, who [as stated before] already has established processing plants in the Seattle area. [Both the processing and selling of whale meat outside of the Makah reservation is a DIRECT VIOLATION of their 1855 Treaty].

      G) To date, over 5 MILLION U.S. TAX DOLLARS have been spent on subsidizing the Makah Tribe's "right" to hunt whales.

      NOTE: The Makah continue to petition U.S. Fisheries to subsidize their whaling. Their latest request? A ship which would cost taxpayers ONE MILLION DOLLARS. The request was denied. It is believed that the tribe intended to use it for ILLEGAL whaling, outside of their territorial waters and out of view of state & federal officials.

      The concept of 'animal rights' values the simple premise that ALL living creatures have a "right" to be allowed to live their lives without victimization--free from brutality. It is a right that EVERY being strives for.

      ~Brennan Browne~

      "Humanely" slaughtered 'meat', is an obscene lie invented and perpetuated by people who are too lazy, selfish and cruel to change their dietary habits. Forcibly denying a creature its right to life, love and companionship can NEVER be humane.

      ~Brennan Browne~

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