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Protest against Bullfighting Movie

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  • Franck Michel
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2005
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      Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005 12:08:15 -0000
      From: "Mench" <mench@...>
      Subject: Bullfighting Movie

      In January 2006 a movie called "Manolete" will be made in Spain. It will
      promote bullfighting and fighting bulls will be killed for it. Oscar winner
      Adrien Brody will take lessons in bullfighting for the movie. Actress
      Penélope Cruz will also star in the movie.

      Please protest and send either the sample or your own letter to the
      addresses given below. Unfortunately not all seem to have E-Mail. Please
      send faxes if you can. The numbers do work.

      Thanks, Tony Moore www.faace.co.uk and Mechthild Mench, www.anti-corrida.de,

      Estimados Señores,
      Con gran repugnancia leí que la película "Manolete" promoverá la tauromaquia
      y que además incluirá la lidia de toros. Está película distorsionará una vez
      más la imagen de España en el mundo. Además será muy dañino para la imagen
      de los propios actores. Por encuestas recientemente públicadas sabemos que
      el entusiamo de los propios españoles por la corrida ha disminuido
      considerablemente. Les ruego que abandonen este proyecto.

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      País :


      With great shock I read that the movie "Manolete" will promote bullfighting
      and that it will include the killing of bulls. This movie will misrepresent
      the image of Spain throughout the world. It will also be harmful for the
      actors' images. We know from recently published opinion polls, that the
      enthusiasm of the Spaniards for bullfighting has decreased considerably. I
      ask you to abandon the project.

      Yours faithfully,



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