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Korean "dog brokers" trying to buy dogs in US. for fur and food!

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  • Rita Fazio <r.e.fazio@worldnet.att.net>
    Hi, I have just become aware of Asians, mostly Korean dog brokers looking to buy dogs in the US. PLEASE DO NOT SELL OR ALLOW ADOPTION of any dog to these
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2003

      I have just become aware of Asians, mostly Korean "dog brokers"
      looking to buy dogs in the US. PLEASE DO NOT SELL OR ALLOW
      ADOPTION of any dog to these people. This applies to all Asians,
      unless you can be certain of their intentions. Don't misunderstand,
      I am not saying all Asians are like this, but because of the dog and
      cat eating in many countries, even the US, everyone must be
      careful! Most Asians are very compassionate, caring people, but it
      is hard to tell who will torture and eat these animals! PLEASE!
      They are looking for dogs to breed for food, and pelts! They also
      adopt, and take dogs that are free to good homes, to torture and
      slaughter for food, in the US! I would rather see dogs and cats
      euthanized at the shelters than to face the horror they are put
      through. Following is what I was told, but even though it says
      Korean, you must be careful of all Asians looking for dogs or cats!

      Many US and Canadian breeders have been inundated with emails/phone
      calls by Korean brokers wanting breeding age bitches. Lots of
      speculation as to why, but none of it is good. I personally think
      they want to breed Samoyeds for their pelts. One woman I know in
      Canada met a couple of these brokers at a show and of course told
      them she didn't have any bitches available. A couple days later,
      she and her husband arrived home to find one of the brokers in their
      yard. They threatened to call the police and he left, but came back
      the next morning. Her home is not easy to find so this guy really
      had to do some research to find it. Frightening!!! I checked the
      SCA Breeder Referral Website and was relieved to find my street
      address is not listed! Unfortunately, many sites for free listings
      require this information and I can't remember all the ones I'm on.
      At least I'm in a low population area where there are few Sam
      breeders and not worth their effort to come here. It's unfortunate
      that those Asians who are truly fanciers of the breed will not get
      any quality breeding dogs because there is no way to tell the
      difference between them and these brokers.

      Please check out the sites below, to understand the horror, that
      awaits any dog or cat whose fate is the dinner table!

      "The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of
      animals as now they look upon the murder of men. - Leonardo da
      Vinci "
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