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URGENT...NY. Abused dog needs HELP!

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  • Rita Fazio <r.e.fazio@worldnet.att.net>
    If you can help, please reply to: Dena3star@aol.com Queens, NY - ABUSED DOG NEEDS OUR HELP - PLEASE READ! ... From: Dena3star@aol.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2003
      If you can help, please reply to: Dena3star@...


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      From: Dena3star@... [mailto:Dena3star@...]

      Hello. I am a volunteer with a canine rescue organization and I
      just learned of a situation where a dog needs our help.
      Please read about Ashes:

      "Ashes is an abused dog living in Queens. She is chained to a
      staircase.When I visited her, her dog bowl was placed on the
      basement floor, a good 20 feet from her reach. I saw no water
      source. She's underfed. Her chain is not long enough for her to
      lay down. She appears to be in a constant state of ascension or
      descension. Her captors is a mentally retarded family
      where the father is married and breeds with his half-sister, thus
      producing a family of 4 retarded offspring. One of the children
      David, aged 16, allegedly kicks and beats on Ashes. Because she is
      chained, she cannot effectively escape the blows. I was not able to
      have a conversation with the father because his speech is not more
      than simple grunts and gibberish."
      Unfortunately, the rescue organization I volunteer for does not have
      the funds to take this dog at the moment. Ashes is in need of
      immediate rescue. If we call the HLA, either two things will happen:
      1) the family will get a summons and verbal warning they won't
      understand, or 2) the dog will be removed from the home and be
      placed into the custody of the CACC (where there is a chance
      of "humane euthanization.")

      Therefore, I implore those of you reading this posting, to please
      help Ashes. We would like to get a home prior to rescuing her. I
      am trying my best to find out everything about this dog right now.
      Please contact me to help Ashes - I can also send you pictures of
      her where she is locked to the staircase. Please help us help her.
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