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New Korean Craze: Fido to Go

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  • Rita Fazio <r.e.fazio@worldnet.att.net>
    This story was reported on channel 6, wpvi TV, this past July. They didn t even touch on the cruelty involved! Below is a link, to a site where you can send a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2002
      This story was reported on channel 6, wpvi TV, this past July. They
      didn't even touch on the cruelty involved! Below is a link, to a
      site where you can send a complaint to the station. After the
      article is a copy of the letter I sent. If enough people complain,
      they might do a story about the truth behind companion animal


      New Korean Craze: Fido to Go

      SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – July 29, 2002 — While Westerners may cringe at
      the idea, millions of South Koreans see nothing wrong with filet of
      An estimated six thousand restaurants in Seoul alone serve dog meat.

      Now, entrepreneurs are branching out to offer dog meat to go.

      The canine delicacy is packed specially so it can be heated up in
      the microwave.

      One restaurant owner says she's started deliveries to -- in her
      words -- "provide to patients in hospitals and other people who want
      dog meat."

      She says she gets about 100 orders a day.

      International animal rights groups have condemned the practice, but
      many Koreans consider the criticism a slight to their national

      (Copyright 2002 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

      Last Updated: Jul 29, 2002

      Following is a smple letter.

      Dear Sir/Madame,
      I am writing to you about a story your station reported on last July
      29th. The story I am referring to, is "New Korean Craze: Fido to Go."
      Unfortunately, the report was misleading, and an insult to the
      national pride
      of all Koreans, who see this atrocity as a shame, and a black eye on
      their native country! It is also an insult to the millions of
      compassionate, caring people in every country around the world, who
      have been working diligently, to put an end to this horror. Not just
      animal rights groups, but people from every walk of life, have taken
      up this campaign against the torture, and consumption of dogs, and
      cats. New Korean Craze: Fido to Go, filet of fido, and canine
      delicacy, are irresponsible descriptions, of a practice that causes
      unbearable pain, and suffering for millions of companion animals,
      every year! This report didn't even touch on the horror, that these
      animals suffer, before they become "filet of fido!"

      I am amazed, and saddened that a TV station such as WPVI, ch. 6
      chose to make light of such a barbaric practice. As a news program
      that has the reputation, of being a responsible, and dependable
      source of information, and news, I expected much more from you. Dogs
      are loyal, faithful companions of humans. They give their loyalty,
      faithfulness, and love unconditionally! By the very nature of these
      animals, there is no way that they can be bred, raised, and
      slaughtered humanely!

      I suggest that you visit the following sites, to learn exactly what
      dogs, and cats in Korea, and other countries, including the US, are
      suffering to provide "filet of fido."



      I respectfully ask, that the truth behind the slaughter of companion
      animals for consumption, be presented to your viewers. If
      responsible journalism means anything to the reporters of WPVI news
      station, then you will report on the suffering, and horror
      behind "filet of fido!"

      Thank you for your time and consideration.


      Rita Fazio
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