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what should focus be

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  • ahimsanet
    what should focus be PETA has initiated a boycott of Burger King. Our coalition boycotted Burger King from 1980 to 1983 when the corporation
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      what should focus be <br><br> PETA has initiated
      a boycott of Burger King.<br> Our coalition
      boycotted Burger King from 1980 to 1983<br> when the
      corporation pulled veal back from all<br> its
      outlets.<br><br> Many of us have been boycotting McDonald's<br>
      since 1983. Three of our several objectives<br> have
      been a system wide vegan burger option,<br> vegan
      fries (not processed in beef lard as is<br> currently
      done), and an end to advertising of animal<br> flesh.
      Our coalition has two branches. One branch<br>
      supports a permanent boycott of McDonald's because<br> it
      butchers more animals than any other corporation.<br> The
      second branch will stop boycotting McDonald's<br> when
      those 3 objectives are met.<br><br> While McD has
      responded to PETA's request<br> and made minor changes in
      its slaughterhouses,<br> our objectives have not been
      met. Those who have<br> endorsed our coalition include
      Martin Sheen,<br> Ralph Nader, Jane Goodall, Rabbi David
      Rosen of the ADL in Jerusalem, Rep<br> Walter Fauntroy,
      Rep. Ron Dellums. At the Mitch<br> Snyder Benefit in
      Washington, several personalities<br> joined.<br> Mitch
      Snyder, homeless<br> activist, Cesar Chavez, Sun Bear,
      Maggie Kuhn<br> of the Gray Panthers, Dr Ann Wigmore,
      Henry<br> Spira, and others were members of our
      coalition<br> before their deaths.<br><br> We support the
      boycott of all fast food chains<br> which advertise and
      serve animal flesh, so<br> we will support PETA's
      boycott of Burger King.<br><br> At the same time, we will
      not end our boycott<br> of McDonald's at a time when
      the boycott<br> is developing critical mass,
      through<br> Mad Cows' Disease opposition to McD in
      Europe,<br> through labor problems in Brazil and
      Argentina,<br> through more and more switching to vegetarian<br>
      diet.<br><br> <a href=http://www.mcspotlight.org target=new>http://www.mcspotlight.org</a> (The London Greenpeace
      4 year trial with Mcdonald's..<br> began
      synchronous to but separate from<br> this coalition)
    • bruno_von_lederhosen
      Hi everyone! I m writing from Japan. I bought vegetarian shoes and a vegetarian belt over the internet. I feel so good now not having any
      Message 417 of 417 , Mar 5, 2002
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        Hi everyone!<br><br>I'm writing from
        Japan.<br><br>I bought vegetarian shoes and a vegetarian belt
        over the internet.<br><br>I feel so good now not
        having any products of suffering on me!<br><br>I feel
        lighter and more connected to the good parts of the
        universe.<br>Like I'm being cheered on.<br><br>And then yesterday I
        click on Yahoo News, and see that Japan will <br>start
        making buildings out of
        meat.<br><br><a href=http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/020304/japan_mad_cow_cement_2.html target=new>http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/020304/japan_mad_cow_cement_2.html</a><br><br>So I'll be living and working in a meat
        building.<br><br>The walls will be screaming with meat.<br><br>With
        death and torture and broken dreams of innocent cow
        friends<br>that wanted to live just like me.<br><br>Japan's
        Health Ministry stockpiled 108,000 tons of meat-and-bone
        <br>meal after it was prohibited because of mad cow
        fears.<br><br>And they can't dispose of it.<br><br>So they're going
        mix the meat into buildings.<br><br>So I'm going to
        be living in meat.<br><br>Please have a nice
        day.<br><br>Yours, Bruno<br><br>Favorite vege
        site:<br><a href=http://groups.yahoo.com/group/babeliberationfront/ target=new>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/babeliberationfront/</a>
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