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Nature, photography, science, biking

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  • arcticbonfire
    Greetings, My interests include nature, wildlife, photography, science, camping, canoeing, biking, hiking, table tennis, chess,
    Message 1 of 417 , Oct 29, 2000
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      Greetings,<br><br>My interests include nature,
      wildlife,<br>photography, science, camping, canoeing,<br>biking, hiking,
      table tennis, chess,
      Scrabble,<br>fixing-repairing-building, trading S&P 500 <br>futures, helping others,
      animal rescue, <br>entrepreneuring, inventing and
      alligators.<br><br>I am a cross between the Crocodile Hunter <br>(on
      the Discovery Channel, not "Crocodile <br>Dondee"),
      Inspector Cluseau, the professor in <br>BACK TO THE FUTURE
      and Officer Spock.<br><br>I am an idealistic but,
      practical, atheist<br>vegetarian. I don't watch sports,
      dance, <br>smoke, use drugs or "party." I drink on
      <br>occassion for atmosphere.<br><br>I am searching for friends
      who share my <br>interests.<br><br>Michael from
      Miami, formerly from
      Michigan<br>arcticbonfire@...<br><br>Please email me if you are interested <br>in
      friendship.<br><br>Also, if there is a better place for a post <br>like
      this, please let me know. Thank you. <br><br>I am
      interested in the following. If anyone<br>wishes to help me,
      let me know.<br><br>1. Develop an umbrella
      organization for <br>rescue groups and animal right's
      groups<br>in the United States.<br><br>2. Use this
      organization for political <br>activities such as inducing pet
      food<br>companies to add 1% to all pet food<br>sold. This money to
      be donated to <br>animal rescue groups that spay,
      neuter <br>and care for lost, abandoned, and <br>feral
      cats/dogs.<br><br>3. I am also interested in starting a <br>singles'
      organization for atheist<br>vegetarians.<br><br>4. It would
      also be nice, if we had<br> our own community some
      place on<br> Earth. Can you imagine how nice<br> it
      would be to live in an all <br> vegetarian community.
    • bruno_von_lederhosen
      Hi everyone! I m writing from Japan. I bought vegetarian shoes and a vegetarian belt over the internet. I feel so good now not having any
      Message 417 of 417 , Mar 5, 2002
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        Hi everyone!<br><br>I'm writing from
        Japan.<br><br>I bought vegetarian shoes and a vegetarian belt
        over the internet.<br><br>I feel so good now not
        having any products of suffering on me!<br><br>I feel
        lighter and more connected to the good parts of the
        universe.<br>Like I'm being cheered on.<br><br>And then yesterday I
        click on Yahoo News, and see that Japan will <br>start
        making buildings out of
        meat.<br><br><a href=http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/020304/japan_mad_cow_cement_2.html target=new>http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/020304/japan_mad_cow_cement_2.html</a><br><br>So I'll be living and working in a meat
        building.<br><br>The walls will be screaming with meat.<br><br>With
        death and torture and broken dreams of innocent cow
        friends<br>that wanted to live just like me.<br><br>Japan's
        Health Ministry stockpiled 108,000 tons of meat-and-bone
        <br>meal after it was prohibited because of mad cow
        fears.<br><br>And they can't dispose of it.<br><br>So they're going
        mix the meat into buildings.<br><br>So I'm going to
        be living in meat.<br><br>Please have a nice
        day.<br><br>Yours, Bruno<br><br>Favorite vege
        site:<br><a href=http://groups.yahoo.com/group/babeliberationfront/ target=new>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/babeliberationfront/</a>
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