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  • Paul N Davis
    No images ? please visit - http://www.linnics.com/asossl/puppylove.html A stray puppy in Sri Lanka Deep within a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2008
      No images ? please visit - http://www.linnics.com/asossl/puppylove.html

      A stray puppy in Sri Lanka <http://www.linnics.com/asossl/puppylove.jpg>

      Deep within a stray puppy's heart lies the desire to live and to be loved.

      For this puppy, just one of the 10's of 1,000's of stray animals born to a
      life of suffering in Sri Lanka, the struggle to survive was just too much.

      Without any help to combat disease and hunger this frail puppy
      like so many others in Sri Lanka was born to die.

      At Animal SOS Sri Lanka we believe that all animals deserve the right to a
      natural life - free of suffering and should all be given the opportunity
      both to love and be loved.

      If you feel the same as we do and would like to directly help the suffering
      stray animals of Sri Lanka please consider giving a donation to our charity.

      Your donation will help ensure that stray animals in Sri Lanka will have the
      hope to live a suffering free life and the hope that they can both love and
      be loved.

      With your donation we can provide the help they need to survive, with your
      donation we can give them the opportunity to be loved through homing and
      adoption schemes in Sri Lanka.

      If you would like to give them hope, please show them your love and
      kindness, please donate to our charity.

      We would like to invite you to be a part of the help and love that we can
      give them on your behalf, one small donation can make so much difference,
      one small donation can be the difference between life and death.

      A stray puppy in Sri Lanka <http://www.linnics.com/asossl/puppylove2.jpg>

      Ways you can donate

      Animal SOS Sri Lanka's online donation webpage for the animals


      or download one of our Standing Order Forms
      <http://www.animalsos-sl.com/docs/GIVETHEMHOPEFINAL.doc> WORD Standing
      Order Form <http://www.animalsos-sl.com/docs/GIVETHEMHOPEFINAL.pdf> PDF
      Standing Order Form

      or consider leaving a legacy for the animals of Sri Lanka
      <http://www.animalsos-sl.com/docs/LEGACYFORMSOS.doc> WORD Legacy Form
      <http://www.animalsos-sl.com/docs/LEGACYFORMSOS.pdf> PDF Legacy Form

      Please visit our website to learn more about our vision and what we do.


      Please also download and distribute our supporting leaflet
      ( click image )

      <http://www.linnics.com/asossl/asossladvert250908.pdf> Download Puppy Love

      Thank you so much for your help and support.

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