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Urgent! Action needed **NOW** on warrantless spying bills!!

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  • Brennan Browne
    URGENT!! ACTION NEEDED ON WARRANTLESS SPYING BILLS! The deadline is one day from now, Thursday, May 22, 2008. If by that date, we can prevent Congress from
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2008

      The deadline is one day from now, Thursday, May 22, 2008. If by that date, we can prevent Congress from giving the President EXPANDED POWERS TO SPY ON AMERICAN CITIZENS, then we're likely to have won a long lasting victory.
      But if we fail, further damage to the Bill of Rights will occur.

      In February the Senate passed a bill that...

      * Gave the President warrantless spying powers
      * Gave the telecom companies immunity for their past illegal spying

      Now, the House Republicans are close to having enough sponsors for something called a discharge petition. This would allow that same [civil-liberties stripping] Senate bill to be brought to a vote in the House, no matter what the House leadership wants.

      The Republicans currently have 190 sponsors for the discharge petition. They need 218. If they can find 28 more sponsors then they can bring the bill to a vote, and it could pass, unless we stop it!

      The Republicans have a potential source of those 28 additional sponsors -- the Blue Dog Democrats. The Blue Dog's are conservative Democrats from conservative districts. They often vote with the Republicans.

      What's worse is that radio spots and local media campaigns have been launched in the Blue Dog districts. The message is, if they don't sign the discharge petition, they're soft on terrorism and Nancy Pelosi "lap dogs." More fear-mongering! And why not, this tactic has been extremely successful. This time, though, you can stop it!

      We need to urge the Blue Dog Democrats to stick with their fellow Democrats on this issue, by NOT signing the discharge petition. Time is short. And, as you can see, the push is on. So we need to do two things RIGHT NOW...

      * First, EMAIL your elected Representatives ASAP telling them you OPPOSE warrantless spying and immunity for the telecom companies. Even If you've done this recently, please do it again. http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/

      * Second, if you're represented by a Blue Dog Democrat, ALSO call him or her and deliver the same message. Please be sure to tell them that you do NOT want him or her to sign the discharge petition for the Senate FISA revision bill. Here's the list of names and numbers for the House Blue Dogs...

      Joe Baca (California) 202-225-6161
      John Barrow (Georgia) 202-225-2823
      Melissa Bean (Illinois) 202-225-3711
      Marion Berry (Arkansas) 202-225-4076
      Dan Boren (Oklahoma) 202-225-2701
      Leonard Boswell (Iowa) 202-225-3806
      Allen Boyd (Florida) 202-225-5235
      Christopher Carney (Pennsylvania) 202-225-3731
      Jim Cooper (Tennessee) 202-225-4311
      Bud Cramer (Alabama) 202-225-4801
      Lincoln Davis(Tennessee) 202-225-6831
      Brad Ellsworth (Indiana) 202-225-4636
      Tim Holden (Pennsylvania) 202-225-5546
      Jim Matheson (Utah) 202-225-3011
      Charlie Melancon (Louisiana) 202-225-4031
      Dennis Moore (Kansas) 202-225-2865
      Earl Pomeroy (North Dakota) 202-225-2611
      Mike Ross (Arkansas) 202-225-3772
      Heath Shuler (North Carolina) 202-225-6401
      Zack Space (Ohio) 202-225-6265
      John Tanner (Tennessee) 202-225-4714

      Only YOUR efforts can help America regain its freedoms!

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