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Fw: Help us prevent the building of a gigantic furfarming complex

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  • Franck Michel
    Forward of an action alert from pels@dyrsrettigheter.no I am interested by sample letters. My English is too weak to write good letters. My email:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2006
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      Forward of an action alert from pels@...

      I am interested by sample letters. My English is too weak to write good letters.
      My email: fmichel.da@... Thanks in advance.



      Help us prevent the building
      of a gigantic furfarming complex

      On January 17, Hå Municipality decided to sell the land that is planned to
      be used for building a gigantic fur farm. The buyer of the land, and those
      who will be responsible for building it, is the newly set up company
      Kaldsvarden Næringspark AS. The campaign to stop the building continues.

      The fur-farming complex would be the largest ever built in Norway and could
      confine more than 110,000 animals. It is being planned builded despite that
      a number of European countries are making strict regulation on the fur
      farming industry, that the majority of Norwegians are against fur farming,
      and that a Norwegian court has ruled that fur farming is unethical. The case
      has been brought to attention by several news media, Hå Municipality has
      already received between 13000-18000 protest against the furfarming-complex
      and several organizationas has been working ctively to affect the political

      The campaigning against the building of the fur farm continues, and we need
      your help! These are things you can do:

      1. Voice your opinion to Karlsvarden Næringspark AS
      Ask the company to drop their building plans and rather get involved in a
      branch that does not include animal suffering. Let the company know that we
      are many that oppose the planned gigantic farm. NOAH encourages people to
      politely lodge their protests, and encourage friends and family to do the

      Write a letter to Karlsvarden Næringspark AS:
      Kaldsvarden Næringspark AS
      Knud Holmsgate 5
      c/o SMB Securities AS
      4005 Stavanger

      Or make a call:
      Telephone: (+47) 51 56 44 63
      Fax: (+47) 51 56 44 69
      Cell: (+47) 91 10 76 38

      Or write an e-mail to the board leader of the company:
      E-mail: roald.moi@...

      The board of Kaldsvarden Nærinspark AS
      Board leader: Roald Moi
      Board member: Per Arild Vådeland
      Board member: Hans Åsbjørn Skretting
      Board member: Ordin Herikstad
      Board member: Arne Harr

      2. Contact the politicians
      Hå municipality has decided to allow Kaldsvarden Næringspark AS to establish
      a new gigantic fur farm. Tell the politicians to stop the builiding. Keep
      up the pressure and let Hå Municipality know your opinion - be polite:

      Hå kommune (Hå Municipality)
      Telephone: (+47) 51 79 30 00 (switchboard)
      Fax: (+47) 51 79 30 01
      E-mail: post@...

      More info:

      For the animals
      The campaign "Prevent the building of Norways` largest furfarm in Hå"

      NOAH -for dyrs rettigheter (Animal Rights Organization)

      Tlf./fax: +47 22114163

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