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Animal Welfare in Greece

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  • Alexandra Yurkiw
    _____ From: Marijo Gillis [mailto:TwinkiePerkyEbby@msn.com] Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2005 4:25 PM Subject: WAG s Response to the Greek Ministry of Tourism
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      From: Marijo Gillis [mailto:TwinkiePerkyEbby@...]
      Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2005 4:25 PM
      Subject: WAG's Response to the Greek Ministry of Tourism 5/27/2005

      Kindly bear with me and please read the text of my letter below and the
      inane letter from the Greek Ministry of Tourism. These are but a very few
      incidents of thousands of animals subject to horrifying abuse and neglect..
      Shot and set ablaze

      Check the position of his bodyA shelter in a county of comfort


      Mrs. Katerina Malaxia
      The Greek Ministry of Tourism
      Athens, Greece

      Dear Mrs. Malachia;

      We offer our appreciation that the Ministry of Tourism has had the courtesy
      and wisdom to reply to growing, global concern regarding the abusive and
      neglectful treatment of animals in Greece.

      As you recall, the " national cleansing" of Greece's abandoned animals
      prior to the onslaught of tourists to the long awaited 2004 Athens Olympic
      Games garnered worldwide attention and elicited a global outcry.

      If we remember correctly, the world press had a field day with the subject.
      Fortunately for Greece, and the financially motivated ATHOC led by Mrs.
      Angelopoulou Daskalaki; the long reach of ATHOC and the Dimos Athinon's,
      public relations "arm" were able to dilute and divert the attention. But we
      caution, not 100%. Thankfully, those millions of people encircling the
      globe, who respect all life and deem animals, sentient beings, were not

      The National government based in Athens may indeed have had, at one time,
      the prudence and common sense to "verbally" condone such actions as
      poisoning, hanging and shooting which are commonplace and everyday criminal
      actions perpetrated against Greece's companion and farmed animals. But to
      whom? The new animal protection law 3170, ignored by all, is a travesty,
      and screams for repeal.

      Unfortunately, the national government led by Mr. Costas Karamanlis has not
      once expressed the philosophy that you mention in your response -- to the
      citizens of Greece. Not once has any government official in Greece stood
      before the people to address, via public proclamation, and condemn the
      horrifying issue of animal abuse and neglect which has metastasized across
      the nation.

      Of great concern, according to reports from major animal welfare
      organizations and individuals throughout Greece is the fact that a Mrs.
      Dile, and a Mr. Stylas, both permanently ensconced as fixtures in the
      Ministry of Agriculture for many, many years, have done little to advance
      the welfare of animals, both companion and farmed and much to destroy it.

      It is frightening, but it seems as if Ms. Dile and Mr. Stylas, both civil
      servants, have been given carte blanche by the Minister of Agriculture and
      his Deputy Ministers to administer their own personal agenda and wreak havoc
      with animal welfare in Greece.

      Further to the issue, the Panhellenic Veterinary Association, a powerful
      lobby, wrapping the Ministry of Agriculture around it's fingers, refuses to
      allow volunteer vets into the country to perform free spay/ neuter/ tx/ vax,
      to help alleviate the suffering of gross overpopulation. The Panhellenic
      Veterinary Association can take a silver medal for running a close second
      behind Mrs. Dile and Mr. Stylas.

      Sadly, but ironically fortuitous, as the consequence of indifference on the
      part of the central government and the municipalities, the Ministry of
      Agriculture, and the general mindset of much of the populace-- the world is
      now aware that wanton, criminal acts of abuse and neglect are ignored by
      national and municipal officials who are in position by "election" and
      therefore obligation to preserve the integrity and the global image of the
      Greek state, especially, one would presume, during the tourist season. {May
      I add, that the municipality of Athens, under the auspices of Ms. Tonia
      Kanellopoulou is attempting to introduce a semblance of control over animal
      welfare, but desperately needs to take into consideration the counsel and
      input of many more animal welfare advocates throughout Greece and, of
      course, foreign ngo's.

      Tourism a main contributor to Greece's gross national product is of vital
      importance to Greece's economy. The Ministry of Tourism has spent millions
      of euros to advance a major public relations campaign around the world -
      "Live Your Myth". But you must know, because of the world's escalating
      awareness of horrifying abuse and neglect - thanks to photographic
      evidence- compassionate people everywhere are voicing their concern and
      horror and are resolving to divert their tourist dollars to more gentle
      venues. You would be surprised how the plight of all animals and ecological
      issues are fast becoming a global priority.

      Perhaps, it would be prudent for the Greek government, in order to remove
      the layers of tarnish from a global image, to prepare a less convoluted
      law, paralleling laws of the European Community, advance a campaign for
      animal welfare, {low cost spay/neuter/ vaccination/ re homing, public
      awareness and humane education in the schools} as is done throughout the
      western world.

      Perhaps after such a wise and compassionate effort, there would be little
      need for dramatic public relations programs and massive expenditures to
      entice visitors to the most beautiful country in the world. I can only hope
      that the government of Greece will open a dialogue with animal welfare
      advocates within Greece and animal welfare organizations worldwide.

      We are at your disposal and do hope to speak with you via telephone.

      Respectfully and cordially,

      Marijo Anne Gillis - Founder
      Welfare for Animals in Greece
      Welfare for Animals Global, Inc.
      (WAG New York--a New York City non-profit advocacy & political lobby group--
      reaching the world
      1775 York Avenue
      Suite 7 H
      New York, New York 10128
      Tel. (212) 427-0587 Fax (212) 427-6381
      E-Mail Twinkieperkyebby@...
      Marijo Anne Gillis - Founder

      "Compassion for all life - the only way to a better world"
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      Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 7:09 AM

      The Greek Government condemns any action against animals and expresses it'
      s deep sorrow for any unofficial, arbitrary actions that may have caused the
      death of some homeless animals in our country.
      Our belief is strongly against killing, torturing and generally mistreating
      animals and, certainly, the poisoning of stray dogs is totally condemned as
      an effective measure to decrease the number of homeless animals in Greece.
      The new Greek law for stray animals prescribes the sterilization and the
      placing of an electronic ID on every homeless animal and inflicts severe
      penalties on those who mistreat animals.
      As for the incident that has occurred in Piraeus port on February the 27th,
      regarding the 58 dogs of the "Arch Noah", an association owned by Mrs Silke
      Wrobel, that were being transported to Germany and have been detained by the
      Ministry of Agriculture, we have been informed that they are already in
      Germany. However, we are currently investigating the matter.
      On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and the Greek Tourism Organization, we
      thank you for your consideration and we remain at your disposal for any
      further information or remarks on this matter.

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