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  • Alexandra Yurkiw
    From: Prijatelji zivotinja [mailto:prijatelji.zivotinja@inet.hr] Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2004 4:45 AM To: Alexandra Yurkiw Subject: Pre-holiday black
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      From: Prijatelji zivotinja [mailto:prijatelji.zivotinja@...]
      Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2004 4:45 AM
      To: Alexandra Yurkiw
      Subject: Pre-holiday black chronicle


      Please Send Letter of Protest.

      Appalled by the frequent and unpunished killings of animals, Animal Friends
      Croatia appeals to Croatian media and public to get active in lobbying for
      legislative changes and for strict penalties for perpetrators of crimes
      against animals.


      29 September 2004, Graberje
      Pregnant female dog was found in forest Graberje in Kustosija (Zagreb). Dog
      was chained to a tree and left to die of cold, hunger and thirst. Luckily,
      reporter of Croatian radio found the dog and is now looking for a new home
      for the dog and her puppies that will be born very soon. This is only the
      beginning of this pre-holiday black chronicle.

      4 December 2004, Zagreb
      Already well known notorious 'monster of Pe��enica' Ostoja Babi�, takes his
      place in the black chronicle. He savagely beat to death his one-year-old dog
      because she didn't bark at passers-by but happily waged her tail. After he
      beat her for an hour with an iron bar, a pitchfork and an axe, the policeman
      who was called by the neighbors mercifully shot the poor animal.

      Police pressed criminal charges against criminal Ostoja Babi�, and Animal
      Friends Croatia on Thursday, 9 December 2004, organized a home demo in front
      of his house demanding maximum punishment according to Criminal Law and
      Animal Welfare Act, and ban of owning any animal for the rest of his life.
      We started off a petition on our info stands and at
      <http://www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr> www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr, and in
      only a week we have over 2000 signatures which we will hand out to the State
      Attorney demanding in the name of people of Croatia maximum penalty for the
      monstrous killer.

      13 December 2004, Gospic
      Covered in blood, frozen and without the right eye, a body of a cat was
      found in front of Saint Marija Magdalena chapel. Cigarette was burning out
      in the mouth of the poor animal which didn't seem to be a stray. It isn't
      sure whether the animal was killed by a broken liquor bottle or was she
      forced to drink liquor or the liquor helped in gathering the strength of
      sick minds that tortured the animal.

      17 December 2004, Rijeka
      After a two weeks long search for six-month old white Labrador Frodo, his
      owners found him brutally killed and covered with rocks nearby their home in
      Gornja Drenava. The autopsy showed that somebody shot the dog with an
      unknown weapon. Only white paws stood out of the pile of rocks, and
      neighbors who found the dog thought he was slaughtered because he lied on
      his back with his body torn open from neck down to his stomach. Exit wound
      in his chest was a size of a handball. Police made a report and that's where
      the investigation ended.

      17 December 2004, island of Rab
      On a deserted part of island Rab, in Punta Sorinjo, on Friday 10 griffon
      vultures were found dead, lead shot was found in three of them. One vulture
      is saved and fights for his life at Eco Center on island Cres. Supposedly
      somebody placed poisoned bates and then shot at the birds.

      It is suspected that this crime against highly endangered griffon vultures,
      there is only 200 of them in Croatia, was committed by two hunters from
      Lopar on island Rab, which allegedly publicly bragged with their act. In
      August one vulture was found shot at the same place, and lately three more.
      The most certain reason for murder of vultures is that Eco center Caput
      Insulae asks for closing down of all hunting areas in all islands of
      Kvarner. They have very strong reasons to support their case and Animal
      Friends Croatia joins their efforts.

      18 December 2004, Novi Vinodolski
      Hunters shot down two dogs of their fellow hunter even though they knew dogs
      weren't strays. With this act they confirmed the arrogance of Croatian
      hunters and strong hunting lobby that rampages throughout Croatia without
      any sanctions.

      19 December 2004, Ivankovo
      In place Ivankovo, near Vinkovci, in front of a dog owner who walked her own
      and a dog of her neighbor, hunter wounded her dog and shot neighbor's
      Dalmatian. After the shooting, when asked why he did it, hunter, who refused
      to identify himself, answered that it is his right and if she has further
      questions she can contact local hunting alliance. Although she called the
      police, police did nothing but advised her to contact local hunting alliance
      where hunters will probably call on notorious Article 54 of Hunting law. Our
      organization for a long time warns about misuse of that article.

      Question imposes: how long will Croatian public, headed by the Croatian
      legal system, turn heads in front of common crimes against animals and
      silently approve them? Our legal system which is inert and uninterested in
      suffering of non-human animals and our Animal Welfare Act that practically
      praises and mildly punishes perpetrators and URGENTLY needs changes, also
      take part in the responsibility for those black deeds. Furthermore, without
      changes in the Hunting Law and the fight against arrogance of hunters,
      without public condemnation and strict penalties, laws and regulations will
      stay a dead letter.

      We celebrate the beginning of the negotiations with the EU, and at the same
      time crimes against animals and environment, which commonly happen, are
      ignored by our legislation. Changes in the way of thinking and behaving are
      necessary. We must strive for ethical growth of society because without it
      our future will be no brighter.

      Please send letters to the following email adresses

      - office@...
      Mr. Nenad Matic, the spokesman for Ministry of Agriculture and
      Forestry Croatia)

      (EU Public Opinion e-mail:)
      - trade-A3@...

      (EU Agriculture)

      Croatian Embassies, Consulates and Missions - Worldwide
      Croatian Embassy USA - amboffice@...; dcm@...;

      Croatian Embassy U.K. croemb.london@...

      Croatian National Tourist Office, UK

      Croatian Embassy Canada croatia.emb@...; croatia@...

      Croatian Embassy France redaction@... secretariat@...

      Croatian Embassy Argentina embajadadecroacia@...

      Croatian Embassy Australia croemb@...; concro@...;

      Croatian Embassy Austria croem.bec@...; crocons.bec@...

      Croatian Embassy Belgium crocons.bec@...; croemb.bruxelles@...

      Croatian Embassy Brazil embaixada.croacia@...; ojmuller@...

      Croatian Embassy China vrhpek@...

      Croatian Embassy Finland croatia@...

      Croatian Embassy Denmark kopvel@...; consulate.croatia@...

      Croatian Embassy Germany vrh.berlin@...; gkrhf@...;

      Croatian Embassy Israel croemb.israel@...

      Croatian Embassy India croemnd@...;

      Croatian Embassy Ireland croatianembassy@...;

      Croatian Embassy Italy croatian.embassy.roma@...
      <mailto:croatian.embassy.roma@...%20> ; ambasciata.croatia.roma@...

      Croatian Embassy The Netherlands croemb.haag@...

      Croatian Embassy New Zealand cro-consulate@...

      Croatian Embassy Poland croemb@...

      Croatian Embassy Portugal croemblis@... <mailto:croemblis@...%20>

      Croatian Embassy Spain cromad@...; consulcroacia@...

      Croatian Embassy Sweden croemb.stockholm@...

      Croatian Embassy Switzerland croemb.bern@...; crocons.zurich@...

      Croatian Embassy Turkey hrvelank@...

      Croatian Embassy United Arab Emirates croem@...

      Croatian Embassy South Africa vrhjar@...

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