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Urgent - Emails Needed ASAP- PA puppy miller Daniel Esh wants new barn for dogs

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  • Rita Fazio
    PLEASE CROSS POST! URGENT: Daniel P. Esh seeks approval from Leacock Township Zoning Board to build another barn for dogs. Esh never gives up - we can t
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2004

      URGENT: Daniel P. Esh seeks approval from Leacock Township Zoning Board to
      build another barn for dogs. Esh never gives up - we can't either!

      WHO: Infamous puppy miller Daniel P. Esh
      Clearview Kennels
      68 Clearview Road
      Ronks, PA 17572

      WHAT: Esh is seeking approval from Township officials to build a bigger barn for dogs. He already confines hundreds of dogs in rabbit-hutch type cages in and behind his old, dilapidated barn.

      WHEN: Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 7:00 PM. If you live in the area, please plan to attend this zoning meeting.

      WHERE: Leacock Township Municipal Building
      3545 West Newport Road
      Intercourse, PA 17534
      Telephone: 717-768-8585
      Fax: 717-768-8471

      WHY: Esh, as many of you already know, is a REPEAT OFFENDER who for decades
      has been in trouble with the USDA, PA State and local authorities. Esh has violated Federal, State and local animal statutes as bureaucrats continue to
      look the other way. Esh has been sued by the PA Attorney General; sued by Leacock Township; cited by the USDA; cited by the PA Bureau of Dog Law for violating its laws and found guilty of violations in municipal court.

      In June 2003, Esh surrendered his USDA license claiming he no longer wholesales (we don't believe it!). During routine and follow-up inspections,
      the USDA inspector consistently cited Esh for violations - many of them repeat non-compliant items. Now, Esh is only inspected by two Lancaster
      County dog wardens who rarely, if ever, find anything wrong at Clearview Kennels. How can this be? The Leacock Township zoning ordinance allows a
      maximum of 250 dogs per kennel yet Esh has over 600 dogs at any given time. Why? To add insult to injury, Esh is selling puppies over the Internet with
      the help of a friend. How can Leacock Township and the State allow this to continue? Why is Esh running the show? Ask them. Demand answers. Demand an
      end to this decades-long animal abuse and blatant violation of laws.

      (For a complete timeline (Word Document) of Esh's violations, send an email
      to: info@... (njcapsa.org)


      E-mail Leacock Township zoning officer, board members and supervisors today and urge them to deny Esh's latest application for a new barn. If you like, use facts from above in your e-mails. The meeting is a week from today. Get your emails and faxes in before Monday, November 15th. Please be polite and respectful.

      Zoning Officer: Wilmer Hall
      E-mail: staff@... (leacocktwp.com)

      Zoning Hearing Board Members:
      Michael Sensenig, Donald Eby, Richard Bomberger, Donald R. Ranck
      E-mail: staff@... (leacocktwp.com)

      Township Board of Supervisors:
      Robert Alexander, James Zimmerman, Frank Howe, Jeff Martin, Kurt Thomas
      E-mail: staff@... (leacocktwp.com)

      Township Secretary: Frank Howe
      E-mail: fehowe@... (leacocktwp.com)

      Be sure to copy your e-mails to the following, especially the Governor!

      Lancaster County Commissioners (New Address):
      Dick Shellenberger, Howard Shaub Molly Henderson
      E-mail: McCueA@... (co.lancaster.pa.us)

      PA Secretary of Agriculture:
      Dennis Wolff
      E-mail: dwolff@... (state.pa.uS)

      Edward Rendell
      E-mail: governor@... (state.pa.us)

      Lancaster Tourism Board:
      Wendy Nagle, President of PA Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau
      E-mail: wnagle@... (padutchcountry.com)

      Lancaster Tourism Board:
      E-mail: info@... (padutchcountry.com)
      Toll-free: 1-800-PA Dutch (1-800-723-8824)

      Thanks, as always, for your e-mails, letters and faxes.


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