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Fw: Photos and NYC Greek Demo Report

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  • Rita Fazio
    ... From: Marijo Gillis Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 11:32 AM Subject: Photos and NYC Greek Demo Report Kindly Cross Post to the Moon and Back
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      From: Marijo Gillis
      Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 11:32 AM
      Subject: Photos and NYC Greek Demo Report

      Kindly Cross Post to the Moon and Back

      August 10, 2004
      New York City

      Banners waving, pulses racing, New Yorkers came out in force to protest the extermination of Greek strays in preparation for the 2004 Athens Olympics.

      The Greek Consulate on Park Avenue was the reluctant host to a crowd of dynamic, passionate animal advocates shouting in unison at the top of their voices: "SHAME on GREECE -- "BOYCOTT GREECE". Consulate employees peered out the windows, and visitors to the consulate scurried inside and left even more quickly as demonstrators dogged them about their inhumanity.

      The police, well what can one say? They were magnificent, sympathetic and everything "New York's Finest" are supposed to be. They moved police barriers from across the street and defiantly placed them right up to entrance of the Consulate, allowing us to congregate a mere three feet from their door.

      Huge posters of the innocent victims were plastered everywhere. Pedestrians and motorists were chanting in empathy and blowing car horns. Hundreds of leaflets and photos were distributed. Organizations around the world protested with us.

      Halfway thru the demonstration, two smiling FBI agents escorted quasi terrorist, Marijo Gillis, Founder of WAG and Dr. Debra Tanzer, animal activist "extraordinaire" for a meeting requested by the Consul General. Despite the intensifying roar of the crowd below, we had a cordial discussion which lasted for forty minutes and the very gracious Consul General took written note of WAG's and supporting organizations respectful demands.

      A formal letter prepared by WAG to the Greek Prime Minister was sent via diplomatic pouch to Athens.

      Major animal welfare organizations continue to support our campaign and we are so grateful. IDA President, Dr. Elliot Katz, Best Friends, and HSUS called WAG today, (the first day of the games--a day that shall live in infamy) for updates and continued offers of support. IDA and Lawrence Carter-Long, you are magnificent! We are so grateful.

      Reuters News Television interviewed WAG for over two hours and produced a dramatic, provocative 3 1/2 minute news clip for direct feed to over 350 major news outlets and networks, worldwide. Featured is WAG's expose film, "Greece In All Her Glory" and WAG's telephone has not stopped ringing.

      Calls from Greece yesterday and today report that "Greece In All Her Glory" was featured on Greek television networks and has caused quite a stir with Greek officials. As a matter of fact, a panel consisting of the Mayor of Athens, who has expressed her desire to become Prime Minister, the Vice Mayor and a member of the 2004 Athens Olympic Organizing Committee were on the air defending themselves. They continue to deny all charges --- but our growing movement has left them little room for excuses or lies.

      Calls from correspondents covering the games in Athens, started at 5 am on Thursday and have not stopped. What better way to end the day?

      With my deepest appreciation, respect and love to you all. None of this would have happened without YOU!

      Marijo Anne Gillis - Founder
      Welfare for Animals in Greece
      Welfare for Animals Global
      (a New York advocacy & lobby group)
      Tel. (212) 427-0587
      Fax (212) 427-6381
      E-Mail: WAG_NY@... (msn.com)
      Twinkieperkyebby@... (msn.com)

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