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A Special Fundraiser for Hope...please read her story below.

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  • Rita Fazio
    ... Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2004 4:56 AM Subject: Fw: A Special Fundraiser for Hope ....... please read her story below. From: Dianne Aldan I have been asked if
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      ----- Original Message ----- From: Mary Alice ' Moonflower '
      Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2004 4:56 AM
      Subject: Fw: A Special Fundraiser for Hope ....... please read her story below.

      From: Dianne Aldan

      I have been asked if I could help raise some funds for Hope's transport out of Greece so she can live out her senior years at a Donkey Sanctuary in Spain. Every dollar will help so any contribution, no matter how small, will be graciously accepted. Thank you so much for considering this request to help Hope.

      Donations for "HOPE" urgently needed

      Hope gets her 9 inch hooves trimmed at last.

      Hope is safe for now - but her future is uncertain.

      Hope with Judy, one of her rescuers.

      In January, The Ark managed by Marjorie Pandi of Corfu and Judy Quinn, a volunteer rescued an old donkey who now goes by the name of "Hope". Due to Marjorie's commitments with running the shelter itself and the fact that Judy is moving to the centre of the island because of her job, daily care of Hope now consists of her being tethered and given water & food. Her human contact is for less than 5 minutes a day and this is not acceptable. Unfortunately there is nowhere else for Hope to go on the island.

      Hope was found tied to a tree, perilously close to a main road and on moving her to a safer spot, they noticed the terrible condition of her feet - her hooves were more than '9 inches' long and her right hoof is permanently deformed.

      A week or so later they were driving down the main road when they saw the donkey again and they rushed home to get some rope but by the time they returned, she was gone! Off they went in search of the donkey and they found her heading towards town. This time they were able to retreive her but, because she was quite crippled with the long hooves, it was a very long & slow walk back to the shelter.

      Hope has since had her feet attended to by a local farrier but,
      unfortunately, there is no one on the island of Corfu who can take Hope in and care for her for the long term. Marjorie and Judy are therefore trying to raise funds to cover the cost of sending her to Salonika so she can catch a transport with other donkeys being transported to a new donkey sanctuary in Spain - but they need 600 Euros (about $1,200) to cover the trip to meet up with the other donkeys going to the new sanctuary.

      It would be greatfully appreciated if you could make a donation towards Hope's transport, securing her well-being for her remaining years at the sanctuary.

      Please send your donation today! You can pay by cheque (payable to GAR), bank draft/money order, Visa or through the PayPal link (a secure site) at www.garcanada.bizland.com Cheques/bank drafts/money orders should be mailed to my attention:
      ATTEN: Mrs. Dianne Aldan
      614 - 25 The Esplanade
      Toronto, Ontario M5E 1W5
      with the notation - "Hope's Transport".

      For those of you living in parts of Europe, if you wish to donate I can provide you with an address so you can send your donation directly to Marjorie.

      Marjorie and Judy and, most of all Hope, thank you for giving her the opportunity to live out her remaining years in a safe and comfortable environment in the company of other donkeys.

      Mrs. Dianne Aldan
      Canadian Representative & Fundraiser
      Greek Animal Rescue - Canada (GARCANADA)
      614 - 25 The Esplanade
      Toronto, ON M5E 1W5

      Please consider participating in or sponsoring Dianne in the 2004 Olympic Run for the Strays in Greece on July 18, 2004 on the Boardwalk, Toronto. For more information please send an email to diannealdan @ sympatico.ca (remove 2 spaces)
      Sponsor a Stray at www.garcanada.bizland.com
      Sign our petition supporting law enforcement to protect both owned and stray animals in Greece at http://www.petitiononline.com/greece04/petition.html
      "You can't save every animal in the world but, for the one you do save, it IS the world!"

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