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Clinton Co. Iowa:Conner's Animal Cruelty Petition

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  • Rita Fazio
    ... From: Linda Furness Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2004 4:49 PM Subject: Conner s Animal Cruelty Petition If you haven t already - please sign and pass this on to
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      From: Linda Furness
      Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2004 4:49 PM
      Subject: Conner's Animal Cruelty Petition

      If you haven't already - please sign and pass this on to as many as possible.


      Conner's Animal Cruelty

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      To: Clinton County Attorney, Mike Wolf
      To: The Honorable Mike Wolf, Clinton County Prosecutor
      Dear Prosecutor Wolf:

      Robin Conner was arrested and charged with four counts of Animal Cruelty. Ms. Conner has been charged with Cruelty due to 4 Dead young dogs found in Tote boxes on her property. A search warrant served by the County Sheriff turned up 3 more dead dogs in tote boxes as well as a severely emaciated Bulldog on her deck, no shelter in freezing temperatures, a thin Saint Bernard on her porch, two Old English Sheepdogs, extremely thin in dire need of Veterinary care. A Cockatoo , Cockatiel, and Amazon Parrot were also removed from the Conner property. A baby PotBelly pig without water or food and two cats were also removed from the property. Autopsy results on the dead animals showed the dogs died of starvation.This heinous act occurred from October through January , 2004. One can only imagine the severe pain and suffering the animals endured.

      A hearing was held to decide if Robin Conner could reclaim her survivng animals. The Judge's decision to return some of the animals was extremely disappointing. The Amazon Parrot, Ms. Conner had obtained by falsely representing herself as President of the Parrot club, a Cat, Robin falsely stated was her sister's, and the Cockatiel were all returned to Ms. Conner's custody. The remaining animals were documented to be in extremely poor physical condition and left in the care of Humane Officials.

      Unfortunately, Ms. Conner is not currently incarcercated, having posted bail. As the County Attorney, it is now your responsibility and moral obligation to prosecute Robin Conner to the fullest extent of the law for her brutal crimes. As you are well aware, severe forms of animal cruelty, including the torture of an animal, is a crime punishable by large fines and, more importantly, imprisonment .

      We, the undersigned, urge you to present the charges against Robin Conner insisting on the maximum amount of imprisonment. Likewise, we ask that you not accept any plea bargain that does not include a guilty plea for each of the seven counts of animal cruelty to account for the dead dogs and include a count for every mistreated animal that was in her custody which adds seven additional counts of cruelty for the survivng animals. On behalf of the many animals that have suffered and died in Ms. Conner's custody, we must insist that Ms. Conner be banned from ever again owning animals. Since the hearing date, Ms. Conner has obtained more animals. She currently has obtained an Old English Sheepdog puppy.

      Please be reminded of testimony that Robin Conner placed a Saint Bernard in a cage in the back of a truck, sub-zero weather, and power washed him at a car wash. He was then placed outside to die. He froze to death. Testimony concerning another Bulldog, Bleach poured on it's face and body until the dog seizured and died. Testimony that Robin Conner refused to feed the animals she decided she did not like. The Beagles, the Setters, the deaf Old English Sheepdog, the Boston Terrier, so many animals. Testimony that Robin Conner used false pretenses to obtain these animals. Please listen to the many people that have come forward about the birds, dogs and cats that have all perished while in Robin Conner's custody.

      These animals could not defend themselves against Robin Conner, nor can they now seek justice. A civilized society can not allow such brutality to go unpunished. Thus, please do all in your power to ensure that Robin Conner is prosecuted and sentenced to the maximum terms allowed by law.

      The Undersigned

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