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Dunbarton, NH..Bound and tortured dog found aside Dunbarton road

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  • Rita Fazio
    Please crosspost. Thanks! Bound and tortured dog found aside Dunbarton road By CAROL ROBIDOUX Union Leader Staff
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2004
      Please crosspost. Thanks!

      Bound and tortured dog found aside Dunbarton road
      Union Leader Staff


      DUNBARTON � A tortured dog was found on the side of the road yesterday in Dunbarton, its muzzle strapped shut by three plastic locking utility ties.

      �This is insanity. This beautiful dog was left out there to die,� said Judy Champagne of Dunbarton, one of the dog�s rescuers.
      �I had to use my wire cutters to cut these things off his muzzle. My scissors wouldn�t cut through them, poor thing. He couldn�t eat or drink, and he wouldn�t, even after we cut the straps. Whoever did this didn�t even give him a chance,� said Champagne.
      It was actually Champagne�s friend, Susan Defritas of Goffstown, who first spotted the brindled boxer lying off the side of Blackbrook Road, just off Route 13, as she drove to Champagne�s house yesterday at around 3 p.m.
      Thinking the dog had been hit by a car, she continued on to Champagne�s house for help, about a mile and a half down the road.
      In the meantime, another good Samaritan who�d also seen the dog had stopped and was ready to put the animal into her truck when Champagne and Defritas returned to the scene.
      �Susan ran into my house like a maniac, thinking the dog had been hit. By the time we got back there, this other lady had already called 911. We all drove the dog back to my house to get those things off his muzzle,� she said.
      The women eventually got the dog to the Manchester Animal Shelter, after one disappointing attempt for help.
      �We stopped at (another animal clinic) along the way, but they wouldn�t even look at the dog unless I agreed to accept financial responsibility. I couldn�t believe that, either,� said Champagne.
      By 4 p.m., they�d arrived at the Manchester shelter on Dunbarton Road, nearly an hour past closing time.
      �We banged and banged on the door. We pleaded for someone to answer. Finally, someone let us in,� said Champagne.
      Assistant shelter manager Erin Normand told them a veterinarian happened to be on duty. He examined the dog and determined that, in addition to malnutrition, the dog was suffering with pneumonia.
      It has been placed through the shelter with a foster family.
      In the meantime, Dunbarton Police Chief Jeff Nelson had answered the 911 call to Champagne�s house, only to find no one there.
      �By the time I got back to the station, the shelter had called us about the dog. I was under the impression the women were going to wait for me at the house, but they must�ve decided the dog couldn�t wait,� said Nelson.
      Champagne described the dog�s condition as desperate.
      �He couldn�t breath, he was gasping. The dog was skeletal. He was just left there, out in the woods, to die,� she said.
      Nelson said he�s already done about all he can to figure out where the dog came from. He�s checked Dunbarton and neighboring towns for reports of missing dogs. And he�s checked the town�s dog license database, but found no matches for a brindled boxer.
      �Unfortunately, we don�t have a good database of people who are irresponsible, and I�m guessing whoever owned this dog wasn�t the kind of person to license it or get its shots. So, unless we get someone to come forward and provide information, it�s hard to follow-up on a case like this,� he said. �It�s hard to tell if this dog is just a dog someone didn�t want and abandoned, in a very cruel way, or maybe it�s a dog that didn�t belong to the person who tied it up, but who did the straps for other reasons, more malicious reasons.�
      Champagne, an animal lover who owns two dogs, three cats and a bird, said she�s willing to give the dog a home � if it survives.
      �I�m outraged. That dog � oh, that dog is so sweet. I don�t know if he�s even going to make it through the night, he was so bad off. Whoever did this � they should�ve put a bullet to his head. It would�ve been more humane,� she said.
      Anyone who may have information about this dog is urged to call Dunbarton Police at 774-5500, said Nelson.

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