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Urge Slaughterhouse to Let Runaway Steer Live!]

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  • Rita Fazio
    From: PETA (remove spaces) Date: 2003/12/05 Fri PM 02:19:34 EST Subject: Urge Slaughterhouse to Let Runaway Steer Live! Urge
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2003
      From: "PETA"
      <newsmanager @ peta-online.org> (remove spaces)
      Date: 2003/12/05 Fri PM 02:19:34 EST
      Subject: Urge Slaughterhouse to Let Runaway Steer Live!

      Urge Slaughterhouse to Let Runaway Steer Live!

      On Tuesday, December 2, a steer made a daring escape from a slaughterhouse in Detroit, Michigan. The 1,800-pound animal ran through busy city streets, shocking passersby, in a desperate fight for his life. He was eventually quarantined in a vacant lot and tranquilized by a veterinarian. The steer is now being held at a farm while the slaughterhouse decides his fate.

      A Michigan animal sanctuary,SASHA Farm, has offered the steer a home. We want the slaughterhouse to relinquish custody of the steer to the sanctuary. The local community has rallied behind the steer, and many are raising money in hopes of buying him, but we've asked the slaughterhouse to give him to SASHA Farm for free. We don't think the slaughterhouse deserves a dime.

      Please call slaughterhouse officials to ask them to do the right thing by giving the steer to SASHA Farm:

      Nazam Saad
      Al Badr Slaughter House

      This is an urgent situation, and we encourage you to call slaughterhouse officials right away. They may try to assure you that the steer will be allowed to live on their farm. There is no way to know what the steer's quality of life will be like on this farm, whether it's a farm or a feedlot, and no guarantee that he won't be sold at a later date, since this is not a sanctuary. Please insist that he be donated to SASHA Farm sanctuary.

      Thank you for all that you do for animals!

      Reannon Peterson
      Vegan Campaign Assistant
      ReannonP @ peta.org >(remove spaces)

      Rita Fazio,

      Korea Animal Protection Society (KAPS)
      International Aid for Korean Animals (IAKA)

      Don't turn your back upon their pain, because it's hard to see.They have no other place to turn, They've only you and me.

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