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Kinship Circle LETTER/Stop Bill To Legalize Greyhound Slaughter

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  • Rita Fazio
    Kinship Circle LETTER/Stop Bill To Legalize Greyhound SlaughterI appologize for posting an OT message to some groups. This is a serious issue, and needs help
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2003
      Kinship Circle LETTER/Stop Bill To Legalize Greyhound SlaughterI appologize for posting an OT message to some groups. This is a serious issue, and needs help from everyone to stop this atrocity from happening. We ask the international community to help us. Anyone, anywhere who cares about any animal, needs to make themselves heard on this issue!

      Greyhounds reclassified as "livestock!" Please, please, please, everyone needs to help on this one immediately! This is not good! Not just for the greyhound, but for all animals! Think of the consequences of a companion animal being classified as "Livestock!" Don't think that only Alabama residents should write. The entire world of animal lovers need to weigh in on this immediately. Snail mail, email, phone, and fax! Please, stop these people from doing this, for the poor, already suffering Greyhound, and for all the animals! Think of the consequences this law, if passed, will have on all animals! Thank you, Rita

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      Subject: Kinship Circle LETTER/Stop Bill To Legalize Greyhound Slaughter

      7/8/03--Stop Bill To Legalize Greyhound Slaughter
      1 letter

      Tony Peters, Greyhound Action
      greyhoundaction @ blueyonder.co.uk (remove spaces)

      linda.furness1 @ btopenworld.com (remove spaces)

      Through Their Eyes, The National Animal Abuse Registry
      noabuse @ inhumane.org (remove spaces)

      *DISCLAIMER: The information in these letters is verified with the original source. I cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information or for the consequences of its use.

      **To add to the international appeal for support, which is being collated by a local TV reporter Randy Wood, CC your letters to: rwood @ WKRG.com (remove spaces)

      ==========SAMPLE LETTER===========

      The Honorable Governor Bob Riley
      State Capitol
      600 Dexter Avenue
      Montgomery, Alabama 36130
      switchboard: 334-242-7100; fax: 334-353-0004
      To send comments via web site:

      Dear Governor Riley,

      I have chosen to send this letter, because it accurately describes my feeling on this issue.

      Please add my voice to those around the world who are stunned to learn about Alabama's House Bill Number 37. If you sign this bill into law, I or anyone else can freely slaughter greyhounds--no questions asked.

      While killing has always been the greyhound racing industry's solution for dogs too sick, wounded or worn down to turn a profit, H.B. 37 legitimizes so-called "culling" by reclassifying greyhounds as livestock and authorizing unlicensed individuals to fatally shoot or inject the dogs.

      No companion animal should die simply because he is unable to perform. But even if the one in eight dogs who actually survive to age four--after living muzzled and caged like cargo--is slated for death, a licensed veterinarian bound by a code of ethics should perform the act.

      Indiscriminate slaughter clearly does not work. When Robert Rhodes' 18-acre property in Lillian, Ala. was found littered with the remains of at least 2,000 animals, he confessed to a 40-year "career" of shooting and burying greyhounds for $10 a piece. Baldwin County District Attorney David Whetstone had prepared to prosecute Rhodes with maximum penalties under Alabama's "Gucci Law" when Rhodes suddenly died. If Rhodes were now able to undergo prosecution, would H.B. 37 grant him immunity from the reckless killings?

      Please do not sign H.B. 37 into law. There is no rationale for this inconceivable measure, which specifies lethal injection but does not designate what can or can't be used. It legalizes nameless death for any dog who doesn't have "the right stuff." The media has already chronicled innumerable horrors: Hundreds of emaciated and lesion-covered greyhounds stuffed into an overheated barn; piles of dogs tossed in a bloody dump near the dog track. Trainers have deposited veteran racers and puppies in sheds or bulldozer's ditches, after slicing off ears and shooting them through the heads. Mass graves have been likened to a canine holocaust.

      Conscientious people and organizations worldwide call upon you to veto this bill. My family could never spend our vacation dollars in a place that treats animals like living trash. H.B. 37 is now on your desk, along with the future of thousands of innocent dogs. Please do the right thing.

      Thank you,


      (c) Nick |Mays/Our Dogs 2003

      GREYHOUND RESCUE organisations and dog lovers across the world have been outraged by a Bill proposed in the USA by the Alabama Legislature which effectively legitimises the culling of Greyhounds by any person who chooses to do so.

      Under Alabama's House Bill Number 37, which only requires the signature of the State Governor to become law, Greyhounds are to be re-classified as livestock.

      This means that culling by shot or fatal injection can be undertaken by any unlicensed individual, rather than by veterinary professionals, who are, of course, bound by a code of ethical conduct.

      Ann Bollens of the Greyhound Pets of America Emerald Coast Chapter attacked the Bill as bad legislation. "This is like saying these dogs aren't worth anything," she said.

      The bill authored by Representative James Buskey of Mobile also prescribes lethal injection as the method of killing greyhounds. But it doesn't say what can or can't be used. Baldwin County District Attorney David Whetstone whose preparing to prosecute a Lillian man under the existing statute for killing thousands of greyhounds, says it could effect his case. Whetstone says he has real problems with this bill.

      "Nor does it allow the dog the privilege of being executed by a vet, anybody can do it! So there are some real problems with this bill."

      The bill was passed in the House under a Tourism and Travel Committee and in the Senate under a Tourism and Marketing Committee. All members of the Mobile and Baldwin County Legislative Delegations voted in favor of the bill except Senator Pat Lindsey and Representatives Mitchell and White who were not on the floor when the votes were taken.

      Toby Hart, who is campaigning against Bill 37 told OUR DOGS: "At no point has the State Governor, or the proposer of the bill, James Buskey of Mobile, offered any explanation or justification for this extraordinary law, which sits well in Alabama's long tradition of illiberal and oppressive legislation."


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