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  • louis_98_1999
    Jan 3, 2001
      To start off the New Year, I would like to sign
      more people up to The <br>Animal Spirit mailing list
      so we can have as many active letter writers <br>as
      possible. The more people involved and sending letters, the
      better <br>it <br>is. <br><br>Please invite anyone you
      know of who may be interested.<br><br>You are also
      free to forward the newsletters to anyone you think
      would <br>help with sending the letters and signing the
      petitions. <br><br>They can subscribe by sending a blank
      email to:
      <br>theanimalspirit-subscribe@...<br><br>They will get a letter from Topica that they must
      reply to in order to <br>confirm the
      subscription.<br><br>The goal is to have 1500 active letter writers &
      petition signers by <br>the <br>end of the
      year.<br><br>Thank you!
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